Brass Burr Cleaner Brush

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Introducing the all new Brass Burr Cleaner! This handy tool fits right into your Pro-Carver (or similar rotary tool) and cleans your burrs!

Often times when your burr turns black, it just needs to be cleaned. When you are carving, the burr will naturally heat up due to friction. This causes the gourd dust and resins to stick to the burr. All you have to do is clean it with the Brass Burr Cleaner, and it will look almost new in less than a minute!

The Brass Burr Cleaner is so easy to use. Simply attach it to your Pro Carver hand piece, and hold your burr firmly with a pair of bull nose pliers, or a clamp, as shown in the photos below. Just like with any large burr or attachment, operate on a low speed and hold the hand piece and burr away from your face as you clean. In less than a minute you will have a burr that looks almost brand new!

Look at the Before and After photos below!

Burr before cleaningBefore Cleaning
After Cleaning