GourdMaster 1/2 inch Mini Micro Cleaner Ball

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The Mini Micro Cleaner Ball has the same cleaning power as the larger Easy Cleaner Balls, and is designed to remove dried pulp from the inside of smaller gourds! It is also a favorite to use on gourd lids and practice pieces! 

The convenient 1/2 inch size is perfect for when you are cleaning the inside of hard to reach areas, or gourds with a smaller opening like People gourds, Mini gourds, and Jewelry gourds. (The Mini Micro Cleaner Ball is approximately the size of a Dime.) 

It has a 1/8" shank, so you can even attach it to your Pro Carver! (Please operate at a low speed when using the ball with your Pro Carver). 

Need to clean inside a tall gourd with a narrow opening? Not a problem! Just use the Micro Drill Extenders available in 5" and 11" lengths. Simply attach the Mini Micro Cleaner Ball to the Drill Extender and attach the extender to your power drill. It's that easy!

Get the 1 inch Micro Cleaner Ball when you want to clean a larger surface area!