GourdMaster Transparent Acrylics Sets

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In order to keep costs down and streamline our inventory ordering process, we have removed 12 colors from our Transparent Acrylic collection. These are our updated Transparent Acrylic Sets based on our remaining colors.

GourdMaster™ Transparent Acrylics are made using pigment rather than dye as the main carrier of color which makes them appear more bold and vibrant.
Unlike a dye, the pigments act to "block" some of the background color of the gourd, making the pigment colors stand out more.

In addition, they can also be blended with our GourdMaster™ Ink Dyes.

Essential Colors 10 Pack
Value. $69.90,
Just $59.95!

The Essential Colors 10 Pack includes: Azure, Canary, Leaf, Pitch Black, Pure White, Poppy, Rich Brown, Royal Purple, Terra Cotta, and True Red.
This pack is perfect if you are looking to to have all of the primary and most popular colors to get you started!

Variety Colors 10 Pack
Value. $69.90,
Just $59.95!

The Variety Colors 10 Pack includes: Aquamarine, Barn Red, Butterscotch, Emerald, Forest Green, Goldenrod, Mocha, Scarlet, Toffee, and Wild Rose.
This pack contains the remaining colors in our Transparent Acrylic collection with pretty browns, reds, and greens to make your art stand out.

Julie Beard used Transparent Acrylics to create this fairy and bunny gourd which left a soft appearance.

This lidded canteen gourd made by Gloria Crane is colored using our vibrant Transparent Acrylics.

Lynn Peace Marino's gourd pot featuring a fish is the perfect example of how pigmented our Transparent Acrylics can be!

Transparent Acrylic Complete Pack
Value. $139.80,
Just $114.95!

The Complete Set comes with all 20 Ink Dye colors! You can see the color swatches below.