GourdMaster™ Ink Dye Sets

Variety Ink Dye 10-Pack
Value. $75.85,
Just $65.95!
You Save Over 13%!

12- Color Basic Pack
Value. $119.45,
Just $99.95!
You Save Over 15%!

Ink Dye Pro Pack

Ink Dye Pro-Pack
Value. $372.61,
Just $219.95!
You Save Over 40%!

Variety Ink Dye 10-Pack
Value. $75.85,
Just $65.95!

"Just received the new Ink Dye colors. I tried the Merlot and the Gingerbread on
a gourd I was finishing and LOVE both of these colors! Can’t wait to try the others.” - Rosalee Garnsey

Pictured here: Variety Ink Dye 10-Pack which includes: Merlot, Golden Brown, Chestnut, Gingerbread, Blue Linen, Rose, Smokey Brown, Plum, Imperial Red, and Christmas Green.

Gourd art by Dianne Connelly

This gourd art piece (3 sides shown here) was created by artist, Dianne Connelly using the New Gourdmaster Ink Dyes!

Gourd art by Helene C'deBaca
Gourd art by Helene C'deBaca

Watch as Phoebe Welburn shows the difference between NEW Ink Dye colors and our existing color line.

Shown above, beautiful gourd vase with Geisha, by Helene C'deBaca featuring the NEW GourdMaster Ink Dyes!

"The new [Ink] dye colors are wonderful for creating the vibrant intensity I like. I experimented with adding white Transparent Acrylic to create the intensity of the colors. I like the results of adding white to create highlights and mixing colors when I paint." - Helene C'deBaca

Gourd art by Kelly Gentry
Gourd art by Kelly Gentry

Shown above, are both artwork from Kelly Gentry. Pictured left, are lovely gourd bowls using the New Ink Dye colors, Golden Brown, Plum, Chestnut, Merlot, Blue Linen, Gingerbread, Imperial Red, and Smokey Brown. Pictured right, Kelly made a beautiful vase using the new color, Plum! Thank you, Kelly, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

Save Over 15% with the 12-Color Basic Pack!
Reg. $119.45, Just $99.95!

"Love the dyes I bought. They look great on my gourds and went on very smoothly.
The colors are so intense, too... Thank goodness you offer them." -
Marlene Record

A $119.45 Value, Just $99.95!
The 12-Color Basic Pack comes with: Apple Red, Aqua, Classic Green, Classic Yellow, Deep Orange, Eggplant, Honey, Medium Brown, Pure Black, Rich Mahogany, Saddle, White Ink Dyes! Plus a 20-pack of Fine Tip Applicators, a pack of Cotton Rounds, 2 oz. Bottle of Formula 49 and a Clear Bottle Caddy! Please note: DVD discontinued. Video will be sent to you in email as a link to watch online.

Get the Most Value with the 42 Color "Ink Dye Pro Pack" with Additional Free Gifts!
Reg. $372.61 Just $219.95

Ink Dye Pro Pack

The GourdMaster™ Ink Dye Pro Pack is the perfect way to get started with Ink Dyes! To see the list of the 42 colors, click here.

Here's what you get with the GourdMaster™ Ink Dye Pro-Pack:

  • All 42 Ink Dye Colors 
  • 20 Fine-Tip Applicators
  • 20 Micro Brushes
  • A pack of Cotton Rounds
  • 2oz. Bottle of Formula 49
  • 3 Clear Bottle Caddies!
  • DVDs discontinued. Videos will be sent to you by email as a link to watch online.

Total Value: $372.61  Your Price: $219.95

These free gifts are subject to change at any time, so order today!

Butterfly Ginger Jar by Gloria Crane

Western Horse Portrait Vase
by Christy Barajas

Gourd Art by Gloria Crane

Gourd vase by Christy Barajas

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GourdMaster Ink Dye Sets

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