Gourd Lamp Hardware Kit

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Gourd Lamp Hardware Kits

Gourd Lamp Hardware Kit (3 in a kit)

Shown above, Gourd Lamp Hardware Kit (2.75") comes in a pack of 3 and includes 3 custom-designed durable black bases, 3 lamp cord, and 3 LED bulbs. (Base fits snugly into a 2.5" hole)

Seasonal Item: Available Fall and Winter

The beautiful gourd lamps shown above were created by Kay Schmarje and her husband for their grandchildren!

More Details:

* Cable length is 5 feet
* LED base is Candelabra, also called E12
* LED bulbs have 96 diodes, 3 Watts
* Color temperature is 2700 degrees kelvin (Warm White)
* Dimensions: 2.75" x 4"
* 2.75" base fits a 2.5" hole (is meant to fit snugly). Ideal for gourds 5"- 9" in diameter

See how to make a gourd pot into a gourd lamp.

Shown above: Our original 2.75" base is great for gourds 5"- 9" in diameter, such as the gourd shown left.

Shown here, beautiful gourd lamp with carved sunflower and dragonflies, made from a small Canteen gourd with a 1.8" lamp base (discontinued), by Sue Sweder!

Shown above Gourd Lamp Hardware Kit with 2.75" lamp base; pre-drilled gourd sold separately.  

Each Kit include 3 each of: black base with notch cut in for cord, cords with easy on/off toggle switch, and custom made mini LED bulb (regular bulbs will heat up too much and pose a fire hazard with gourds).

Each Lamp Hardware Kit has a durable base with a notch for the cord so the base sits flat on the bottom. Cord includes a convenient ON/OFF toggle switch. US plug.

The included LED bulbs were custom made for use in this kit and feature 64 individual LEDs inside each clear silicone bulb and have a brightness rating of 210 lumens. They are warm white (2700 degrees Kelvin) and are nice and bright to light up even the largest gourds!

Made to be plugged into a standard US outlet (110 volts).

These beautiful tall lamps shown above were shared by John Mann from Cypress! We love how John chose this tall canvas for his "Mother Giraffe with Calf" design. Just fabulous! Thank you, John for sharing your photos with us on Facebook.

Blanca Valdez Ricaud also made all the fabulous lamps in the grouping shown here, along with the 3 "Jesus Cristo" lamps shown below.

Thank you, Blanca, for sharing your wonderful art work with us on Facebook!

Above, beautiful gourd lamp with kokopelli by Este_Wiggell! Thank you, Este, for sharing your photos with us on Facebook!

This beautiful holiday-themed gourd lamp made with a Pear Gourd is by Renae Favor! Thank you, Renae, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook! To see how to make lamps with snowflake designs, see this video.

Gourd art by Patrick Decerf

Patrick Decerf‎ created this amazing gourd luminaria with a Round-Body Gourd! Thank you Patrick, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

Gourd art by Stuart Broadley

Beautiful gourd luminaria by Stuart Broadley! Thank you Stuart, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

Gourd art by Blanca Valdez Ruiz

Beautiful gourd luminaria by Blanca Valdez Ruiz! Thank you Blanca, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!