'Bargain Quality' Canteen Gourds

Pictured above: Small and Medium 'Bargain Quality' Canteen Gourds with sample artwork. (artwork not included)
Please Note:
The photos are meant as a general representation of the shapes of gourds you can expect to receive.

Save an Average of 30% On Bargain Gourd Boxes!
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The "Bargain Gourds" are a great box to get at a fabulously discounted price! The average savings are 30% Off the regular gourd prices!

These gourds couldn't qualify as our regular, "high quality" gourds, so the price has been greatly reduced!

They may have one or more flaws, such as minor cracks, scarring, or other shell blemishes. These blemishes can be easily carved out of masked with wood filler.

With bargain gourds, you can get beautiful gourds at an incredible discount! With a little creativity and some artistic inspiration, no one will ever know the difference between a high quality or bargain gourd... except your wallet of course!

Shown here, incredible carved gourd by Donnie Novak! Don made this candle holder for his wife. The words "Live, Love, Hope" have been carved around the entire gourd!

Shown above: Beautiful carved Canteen gourd by Donnie Novak!

The way Donnie made the leaves "layered" really makes this art piece come alive, and we love how the stem was left with its rough, natural appearance. Great job, Donnie! Thanks so much for sharing your art work with us on Facebook.

This amazing canteen gourd Easter Basket is by artist, Dave Reiter! Thank you, Dave, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

'Bargain Quality' Canteen Gourds

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Gourds are sized by diameter, the distance straight across at the widest point.
Please note: Gourds are a natural product and shapes will vary. The photo is meant as a general example and does not represent the exact gourds you will receive.