'Bargain Quality' Pear Gourds

Shown above, a sample variety of Pear Gourd Shapes

Please Note:
The photos are meant as a general representation of the shapes of gourds you can expect to receive. Because gourds are a natural product, they are not guaranteed to sit flat and may have a round bottom (this is especially common in Tall Body and Pear gourds).

These gourds are so popular we decided to make a special “bargain quality gourd box” featuring only these select shapes! Most of the gourds in this box are shaped like a tear drop or pear, excellent for vases, birdhouses, lidded containers, and more!

The bodies of these gourds are not as tall as the Tall-Body gourds, yet taller than the Round Body gourds making them perfect when you want gourds right in between the tall and the round.

Save an Average of 30% On 'Bargain Quality' Gourd Boxes!

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The "Bargain Gourds" are a great box to get at a fabulously discounted price! The average savings are 30% Off the regular gourd prices!

These gourds couldn't qualify as our regular, "high quality" gourds, so the price has been greatly reduced!

They may have one or more flaws, such as minor cracks, scarring, or other shell blemishes. These blemishes can be easily carved out or masked with GourdMaster™ Gourd Glue.

"The gourds [Bargain Boxed Gourds Box of 6 Medium Pear and Tear Drop] we ordered yesterday arrived. We were very pleased and shocked how heavy they are. Since Peter is a "deep" carver he's very happy with this purchase, Thanks a million. Fast service, too!!!!" - Marlene Quinn

Gourd art by John Marchant.

See how we size our gourds below in order to select the best 'bargain quality' box for you! Please note that our 'Bargain Quality' pear gourds only come in sizes medium and large.

Gourd sizing chart

Shown above, Gourd Sizing Board

Small: Approx. 5-6.9" Diameter*
Medium: Approx. 7-8.9" Diameter*
Large: Approx. 9-10.9" Diameter*
Mixed Sizes: Approx. 5-10.9" Diameter*

*Please note: Gourds will be bigger than the size shown on the sizing board because there is a range from one size hole to the next. For example, a gourd that sits on the 9-inch ring and passes through the 10-inch ring on our sizing board is priced as a 9-inch gourd, even though it could be as big as 9.9 inches. Watch our Gourds 101 video to see how we price our gourds. Gourds are sized by their diameter, which is the widest point of the gourd straight across.

Gourds measured in diameter

Beautiful gourd lamp by Rebecca Woolston.

Julie Beard made this stunning gourd art using our GourdMaster™ Ink Dyes.

Because gourds are a natural product, these may have a slightly asymmetrical shape, or shell blemishes in an inconspicuous area, but they are still fabulous gourds! As always, Pre-Boxed gourds have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the entire box for a full refund within 30 days!*

*For Pre-Boxed gourds, refunds are given on the entire box, not individual gourds. Sorry, we cannot refund individual gourds from a Pre-boxed group because the price reduction offered on these boxes (as compared to Custom Order gourds) is based on the group of gourds as a whole.

Please note: Photos are meant to be a general representation of the gourds you will be receiving.

'Bargain Quality' Pear Gourds

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