"Mystery Box" of Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready Gourds

Box can include a mixture of any pre-cut, craft ready gourds, including some of those shown above.
Please Note: Gourds are a natural product and each one is different. Photos are meant to be a general representation and do not represent the exact gourds you will receive.

This ‘Limited Edition’ box includes 7 beautiful Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready gourds in a mixture of shapes and cuts. Which shapes will you receive? It’s a Mystery, which is what makes it so fun!

Box can include a mixture of any Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready gourds, including bowls, vases, pots, dishes, and more. Each box will be an individual selection. This is a 'Limited Edition' box once they are sold out there will not be anymore available.

"I have been up half the night working on these beautiful, thick gourds! So excited to start working with such wonderful products!" - Sydna

Order Your Box Today! (Limit one box per customer)

Straight-Cut Canteen Gourd Vase by Gloria Nobrega!

Tall-Body Gourd Vase by Jerri Lee DeLong!

Carved Gourd Bowl by Ken Poole!

Pictured above Gourd Dishes made by Sue Sweder!

Canteen Gourd Vase by Debra J Lupold!

Gourd Pot by Gloria Nobrega!

Tall-Body Gourd Vase by Taeko D'Andrea !

V-Cut Canteen Gourd Vase by Donna Shafer!

Gourd Pot by Carolann Chambliss!

Gourd Bowl by Russell Price!

"Mystery Box" of 7 Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready Gourds

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