'Bargain Quality' Craft-Ready Canteen Halves

Shown here, Canteen Halves 6-8.9" in diameter.

Our 'Bargain Quality' Craft-Ready Canteen Halves have been created using a canteen gourd turned on its side and cut down the middle. Each gourd has been completely cleaned on the inside and their thick shells are great for carving!

Canteen gourds are almost perfectly symmetrical, which makes them ideal for round or very symmetrical designs!

Please note: Gourds are a natural product and shells may have marks, dark areas, or natural blemishes. Photos are meant to be a general representation and do not represent the exact gourds you will receive.

Phoebe Welburn holding Canteen Gourds.

These two incredible pieces made from Canteen Halves are by Lisa Baurmeister from her "Ammonite Basket Collection." The “Beach Picnic Basket” piece (shown left) was the Featured Art Piece in our last newsletter! To see all of Lisa’s work and purchase her art, visit her web site here.

Lori Smith created this amazing carved pattern on this Canteen gourd half! Thank you, Lori, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

'Bargain Quality' Craft-Ready Canteen Halves

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