"Mystery Box" of Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready Gourds

Box can include a mixture of any pre-cut, craft ready gourds, including some of those shown above.
Please Note: Gourds are a natural product and each one is different. Photos are meant to be a general representation and do not represent the exact gourds you will receive.

This ‘Limited Edition’ box includes 7 beautiful Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready gourds in a mixture of shapes and cuts. Which shapes will you receive? It’s a Mystery, which is what makes it so fun!

Box can include a mixture of any Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready gourds, including bowls, vases, pots, dishes, and more. Each box will be an individual selection. This is a 'Limited Edition' box once they are sold out there will not be anymore available.

Order Your Box Today! (Limit one box per customer)

Straight-Cut Canteen Gourd Vase by Gloria Nobrega!

Tall-Body Gourd Vase by Jerri Lee DeLong!

Carved Gourd Bowl by Ken Poole!

Pictured above Gourd Dishes made by Sue Sweder!

Canteen Gourd Vase by Debra J Lupold!

Gourd Pot by Gloria Nobrega!

Tall-Body Gourd Vase by Taeko D'Andrea !

V-Cut Canteen Gourd Vase by Donna Shafer!

Gourd Pot by Carolann Chambliss!

Gourd Bowl by Russell Price!

"Mystery Box" of 7 Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready Gourds

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