GourdMaster™ Jigsaw Blades

GourdMaster™ Jigsaw Blades are made from high quality steel so they will stand up to the heavy cutting required for our thick-shelled gourds!

These Mini Jigsaw Blades are designed to make thin cut, so they are perfect if you are making a gourd with a lid and need the lid to fit as snug as possible.

They leave a smooth, clean cut and the thin design also makes them ideal for cutting intricate designs that have tight curves.

GourdMaster™ Jigsaw Blades are designed to fit most mini jigsaws, including the Proxxon Super Jigsaw STS/E the Minicraft Precission Jigsaw and the Gourd Saw.

Proxxon Super Jigsaw STS/E with storage case (no transformer needed, directly plugs into wall)

Proxxon Jigsaw STS 12/E with Power Supply (saw plugs into transformer, not directly into wall)

GourdMaster Jigsaw Blades

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