Proxxon Jigsaw STS 12/E With Power Supply

Create your Own Lidded Bowls, Gourd Baskets, and More with the the Mini Jigsaw!
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Above, Proxxon Jigsaw STS 12/E with round foot.

What's the difference between the 'Round foot' that comes on the STS 12/E jigsaw model and the 'Gourd foot' that comes on the STS/E jigsaw model?

The main difference we have seen between the 2 types of shoes or 'feet' (round foot vs gourd foot) is that the design of the gourd foot seems to hold the blade in place better so you don't break as many blades.

Also, it is not quite as thick as the round foot, which means more of the saw blade goes into the gourd when using the 'gourd foot', making it more effective for cutting extra-thick Welburn gourds.

Please Note: The 'gourd foot' only fits the Super Jigsaw STS/E model and the 'rounded foot' only fits the Jigsaw 12/E model.

Above, Proxxon Super Jigsaw STS/E with specialized 'gourd foot'.

Both shoe options work well in the curved area of gourds (much better than the large, square foot that most jisgsaws have, which is designed for cutting wood, not gourds).

The 'gourd foot' is only available on the Proxxon Super Jigsaw STS/E. which is the more expensive model and does not need the heavy and bulky transformer (power supply). The STS 12/E is a great saw for the price, though, and if you are on a budget it is an excellent choice!

Gourd leaf bowl by Mary Segreto. The Proxxon Mini Jigsaw is perfect for cutting in tight corners like these leaves!

Watch video above to discover how to create a gourd with a hidden lid.

Shown above, lidded gourd by Heidi Ann Sanger. With the lid on, the gourd looks uncut! Use the MIni Jigsaw along with GourdMaster Mini Jigsaw Blades to make a narrow cut like this when doing lidded container (watch the above video for more).

Be sure to check on the Proxxon Super Jigsaw STS/E and compare! (Comes with the 'gourd foot' custom-made shoe.)

Stay in full control when cutting gourds by using a Foot Switch! (Allows you to control the On/Off switch using the foot pedal - a much safer and easier option!)

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Proxxon Jigsaw STS 12/E with Power Supply

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