'Bargain Quality' Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready Gourd Dishes

Pamper yourself with Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready Gourds! All the hard work has been done for you so you can get right to the fun of designing and creating, and with 'Bargain Quality' Pre-Cut gourds, you're saving money, too!

'Bargain Quality' gourds don't qualify as a regular high-quality gourd because they have small flaws such as an off-center shape, multiple shell blemishes or lots of darkness in the shell, but they are still great gourds with durable shells that can be used to make beautiful art work!

Each Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready gourd has been hand-selected then washed, cut, and cleaned on the inside. If needed they are also sanded on the bottom so they stand straight.

Gourd dishes come in 3 convenient sizes, small, medium, and large!

These gourd-geous oval-shaped dishes are made from Canteen Gourds and have been completely cleaned on the inside and sanded on the bottom so they sit flat and even.

Use them as-is or wood burn them or stain them using the beautiful colors in the GourdMasterTM Ink Dye line or Transparent Acrylic lines! Want to use them as a candy-dish or to hold food items?

We recommend sanding the inside a bit, then using a food-safe finish. We like Salad Bowl Finish by JS Bartow and Sons.

Gourd Dishes come in three convenient sizes, Small, Medium and Large.

Use gourd dishes for gifts, votive holders, candy dishes and more!

The small dishes can be used for everything from holding paper clips on your desk or Fine Tip Applicators in your gourd work space, to a place to put your rings and jewelry!

The medium dishes make excellent general purpose containers! Use them as a handy place to put your car keys or decorate them to make gifts, like a cute candy-dish or a votive holder!

The large dishes are perfect for all kinds of home décor ideas; try making your own potpourri with pine cones and leaves scented with essential oils, then display them in your Large Gourd Dish. They also make VERY COOL salad bowls! (see tip for making dishes food-safe above)

Gourd art by Christy Barajas

'Bargain Quality' Craft-Ready Gourd Dishes

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