Ink Dye Applicator Cube

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Ink Dye Applicator Cube

Ink Dye being applied to the Applicator Cube canvas.
Remember, a little Ink Dye goes a long way! Why waste your product by applying it with a rag, only to have all that excess soak in and later dry out and be unusable?

With the Ink Dye Applicator Cube, you can apply as much Ink Dye as needed, then seal and store it for later use! (We recommend writing the color you use on the lid with a permanent marker so you can easily identify your colors later). You can even get creative and apply two different Ink Dye colors to one pad!

Please note: The Applicator Cube is intended for use with Ink Dyes, not the Metallic Inks. Metallic Inks are generally used for accent and are applied using a small paintbrush or Mircobrush.

The Ink Dye Applicator Cube is perfect for when you want to apply one color to a larger area or even your entire gourd surface! Just add enough Ink Dye to saturate the blank pad and apply to clean, dry surface of gourd! The Applicator is designed specifically to be used with the Ink Dyes and allows you to apply your color smoothly with no dripping or running. The Applicator uses a fine, soft surface that will not scratch or leave lines on your gourd.

Pad size is 1" X 1"