Sea Sponge, 5-Inch

We no longer carry the Sea Sponges, but you can buy them on Amazon for the same price!

Create beautiful textured looks on your gourd art using this Sea Sponge!

Perfect for creating stunning looks with your Patina products. You can apply the Metal Base for Patina OR the Patina Solution itself with your Sea Sponge (or both!)

When you apply the Metal Base using a Sea Sponge, you get a beautiful textured finish.

The variation in the thickness of the Metal Base caused by the sea sponge application means your Patina Solution will react longer in the “thicker” areas of application, creating beautiful variations in your final Patina finish.

Use your Sea Sponge to apply GourdMasterTM Metallic Inks, Ink Dyes, Transparent Acrylics, and more!

The sponge can be torn or cut to make smaller pieces, and, depending on the product you’ve applied with it, rinsed with water (or cleaned with Forumla 49) for re-use.

Sea Sponge, 5-inch

$4.95 USD

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