Stick 'n Burn GloTracer

I LOVE my GloTracer! I’ve been able to trace designs from books, magazines, and even photos right onto my [Stick ‘n Burn] and then place them onto my gourd saves me money on the sheets because I can use up scraps, plus I can get JUST the designs I want. Takes a little time to do the tracing vs printing, but I like that, too, because I can "customize" the design with my own touches. ...Great tool!” -Barbara Anne Macy

Stick 'n Burn GloTracer, the Perfect Companion to Stick 'n Burn Design Transfer Sheets!

Simply place your design under a blank sheet of Stick 'n Burn on the GloTracer, turn on the light inside the tablet, and trace your pattern using a pencil or felt-tip pen! (We like the Pilot Razor Ultra-Fine Tip (0.3mm) Marker since it doesn't smudge).

The GloTracerTM makes it easy to trace almost any design or photograph onto a sheet of Stick ‘n Burn* so you can transfer your designs to your gourds in minutes! No printer required!

The GloTracerTM is 8.5” x 11” (US Letter Size) to perfectly fit a Blank Stick ’n Burn sheet.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About the GloTracer:

"It's the greatest invention since sliced bread! It's lite and bright but can be dimmed also. I love it!" - Robert Sadler

"I have been tracing for years on another light box and I absolutely love the Glo Tracer. I can see the small details so much better." - Cynthia Lilley Hannum

"Used my new Glo Tracer for the first time. I LOVE IT!! I can sit on the couch and do my tracing if I want..." - Martha Douglas

"Just got my glo tracer and it is fantastic. Very lightweight, easy to assemble and use. I have already used it to do two transfers on stick and burn. I recommend this product, the uses are as vast as the imagination." -Marcia Konopka

2 Packs of Blank Stick 'n Burn (1 Ink Jet Printer pack, 1 Laser Printer Pack, 10 sheets per pack, 20 sheets total), a $23.90 value, yours FREE!

It‘s light weight, very thin, does not heat up even with prolonged use, and it is dimmable so you get the correct amount of light for your needs. Includes power supply and clips to hold your work in place as you trace!

Stick 'n Burn GloTracer with 2 FREE packs of Stick n Burn

$39.95 USD $65.00 USD

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