Create Precision Quality Gourd Art with NEW Sticky-Backed Measuring Tape!
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Sticky-Backed Measuring Tape

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Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Sunrise Gourd Bowl with Pine Needle Rim
by Christy Barajas

This removeable measuring tape is handy for all sorts of projects, and leaves no residue on your gourd!

With the help of Sticky-Backed Measuring Tape, you can easily space out holes for a pine needle rim, achieve perfect pattern placement, and even create symmetrical geometric designs!

Look at the gorgeous Sunrise Bowl by Christy Barajas with the Pine Needle rim. She used the Sticky-Backed Measuring tape to get evenly spaced holes, which is very important when you are creating a precise V-Stiched rim!

The Sticky-Backed Measuring Tape is packed in rolls of 10 yards and the tape is 1/2 inch wide. (12mm wide x 9 meters long)

Watch out step-by-step video tutorial and learn how to use Sticky-Backed Measuring Tape to create this "Sunrise Gourd Bowl with Pine Needle Rim" by Christy Barajas.

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