How Gourds are Priced

Gourds are priced by size. They are sized by diameter at the widest part of the gourd (not by height or circumference), and size is measured in inches.

Diameter of a Gourd
Diameter is the distance straight across the gourd at its widest point (see diagram, right), not the distance around the gourd, which is the circumference.

Gourds are measured using a sizing board, which is a board with the holes of the various sizes cut out of it.

Some specialty shapes, such as sculpture gourds, are measured by height, and snake gourds are measured by length.

A gourd that is just under 10 inches in diameter will fall through the 10-inch hole on the sizing board so it will be priced as a 9-inch gourd. The exception is for specialty shapes, such as apple gourds, dipper gourds, and warty gourds, which are marked up in price by one size.

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