Our Team

Customers are often surprised to learn that our staff does not consist of dozens of people, but rather is a team that has always been fewer than 15 people. Now you can put a face to the voice you hear on the phone when you call our Farm!

Phoebe Welburn:

Sue Welburn:
Vice President & Bookkeeper

Danny Barajas:
Operations Manager

Kelsey Nelson:
Project Coordinator
& Customer Service

Krystal Garrido:
Graphic Artist
& Customer Service

Christy Barajas:
Staff Artist &
Customer Service

Robert Imbriale:
Marketing Consultant & Technical Support

Maria Oceguera:
Customer Service & Shipping

Aly Barajas:
Shipping Specialist

Gourd Selection Specialist

Daniel Barajas:

Jessie Barajas:
Sr. Field and Growing Specialist

Rachel Cunningham:
Shipping Assistant