'Bargain Quality' Bottle Gourd Tops

Shown above, Box of 10 Bottle Gourd Tops 3"-4.9" inches in diameter
Please Note: The photos are meant as a general representation of the of gourds you can expect to receive. Not all Bottle Tops are gauranteed to have stems.

These adorable Bottle Gourd Tops are cleaned on the inside, that way you can get right to crafting!

Shown above, a before and after gourd tulip made by Mary-Ella Bowles! Thank you, Mary-Ella, for sharing your artwork with us!

Lovely southwest gourd figurine by Mary-Ella Bowles.

Gourd bottle top art piece by Sue Sweder!

Another beautiful gourd bottle top art piece by Sue Sweder!

Sue Sweder created this vibrant gourd art to glow when a candle is inserted inside! Thank you, Sue, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

Thank you, Martha Bloom, for sharing these Santa Bottle Gourd Tops with us on Facebook!

We love this wall art that Donna Cook created out of her Bottle Gourd Top!

JoAnn Clark made this fun mushroom art with succulents!

Grace Anne Swanson turned a Bottle Gourd Top into this beautiful vase.

'Bargain Quality' Bottle Gourd Tops

$39.95 USD

– Coming Soon

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