Gourd Baskets, Pre-Cut and Craft-Ready

Now you can create a beautiful Gourd Basket the quick and easy way using a Pre-Cut Craft-Ready Gourd Basket!

Each basket is made by hand from a round-body gourd. They are 7-8 inches in diameter, and have been completely cleaned inside and out, with a special, custom cut out handle. Use as is for a beautiful, rustic looking basket, or spice it up with sanding, carving, wood burning and color!

Available in 3 Sizes:
Small: Approx. 5-6" in diameter
Medium: Approx. 7-8" in diameter
Large: Approx. 9-10" in diameter

Take a Look at the Gorgeous Baskets Below for More Inspiration!

Above: Gourd art by Pat Greer

Above: Gourd art by Carol Golly

Above: Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Above: Gourd art by Linda Pallis