GourdMaster™ Pro Carver II

"Its SO lightweight and comfortable!" That is the comment we hear most often when people use the GourdMaster Pro Carver II for the first time! There is almost no vibration in the hand piece, which means it is perfect for those with carpal tunnel issues (or for those wanting to AVOID having such issues in the future!).

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Shown above, fabulous 'Carved Pueblo' gourd by Lynda Smith! Be sure to check out the Gourd Art Marketplace to purchase this and similar gourds by Lynda.

Shown above, beautiful carved gourd by Jeannie Palmer! She writes in her post, "Jordan Straker has been such a great inspiration ...From his tutorials, his contests and also his kindly worded critiques, I've learned so much. Now that this gourd is finished, I find I'm ready to develop my own unique style.

The gourd used here, is a nice, thick-walled Welburn gourd .At 42" around, it gave me plenty of landscape to play with. The roses continue around the entire gourd and took some time to carve."

"OHMIGOSH! I just unboxed my new Pro Carver II and even though it’s late, I decided to give it a 5 minute test run."

"Let me say, I was happy when I went from a Dremel to the Proxxon. But there is a night and day difference with the Pro Carver! The hand piece fits my hand so much better, it’s lighter and I can barely feel the vibration!!"

"After carving a couple hours with the Proxxon, my hand ends up tingling afterwards. I don’t anticipate that happening with the ProCarver based on what I just felt. Halllelujah!"

"My hand, joints and titanium shoulder are going to be sooo happy! I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and start carving!"

- Lori Smith

Shown above, lovely carved horse gourd by Sharon Trandem! Thanks, Sharon, for sharing your art wih us on Facebook!

Beautiful floral-themed gourd with carved background by Sue Sweder! Thank you, Sue, for sharing your art with us on Facebook!

"I have been an avid "gourdist" for years. I recently started focusing on carving my gourds. Hours of frustration with heavy awkward drills finally convinced me to treat myself to the GourdMaster™ Pro-Carver ll. I literally shouted with glee when I turned it on! It's QUIET!!" "It fits perfectly in my hand!! The bits are tiny and my gourds carve with beautiful precision!!! Truly a game changer. If you haven't tried the GourdMaster carver yet, I highly recommend giving it to yourself for Christmas, or just because it'll make your gourding experience so much easier." - Sue Rosenberg

A long-time customer favorite, the GourdMaster™ Pro Carver II is the one tool that will give you the most fun by the minute! Whether you're brand new at gourd carving or a seasoned pro, this is the carver to own. The Pro Carver II gives you the power and speed you need for smooth, even carving. The whisper-quiet motor makes carving more enjoyable, even when carving for hours!

Lightweight, Flexible Connector Cord
The cord that attaches the hand piece to the Pro Carver II unit is light-weight and flexible, which means it is much easier to hold the hand piece and control it, giving you a smoother final finish on your gourd art pieces.

No more fighting with a heavy-weight connector cord at the end of your hand piece!

Easy Operation
The hand piece includes an easy, 1-click burr attachment and removal system that allows you to change burrs in seconds without the need for additional tools.

Variable Speed Selection
With our large and easy to see speed dial, you can vary the rotation speed of your burr from slow to a blazing fast 45,000 RPM allowing you to use a wide range of burrs for most any gourd project!

The hand piece accepts all the common carving burrs (both 3/32" and 1/8" shanks!) and will also accept most Dremel™ brand burrs too! The included "collet" (shown left) makes it possible to use smaller 3/32" shanks with this hand piece.

Low Noise Motor
The whisper-quiet motor makes carving more enjoyable, even when carving for hours!

Safer for Your Wrists
The extremely low vibration hand piece is perfect for people with carpal tunnel (or who want to protect themselves from getting carpal tunnel syndrome.)

Ultra-High Speed
The hand piece gives you the power and speed you need for smooth, even carving with an ultra-high speed 45,000 RPM hand piece. (RPM = Revolutions Per Minute)

More Precise
The low vibration hand piece means you get a smoother carving experience allowing for more precise, detailed carving!

Convenient Hand Piece Holder
The included clear holder mounts securely on side of the base unit giving you a great place to safely place your hand piece between uses!

Keep Burrs at Your Fingertips
You can safely store up to 18 burrs on the base unit, keeping them conveniently at your fingertips. No more digging through your toolbox every time you need a burr!

Reversible Motor
You can carve with either hand because the base includes a Reverse switch that allows you to change the rotation direction of your burr! (If using in reverse, make sure the burr you are using will cut in both directions.)

Responsive Foot Pedal
The included foot pedal is a customer favorite because it makes it quick and easy to start and stop the hand piece with just a light press on the pedal. This is a life-saver for long carving sessions!

Selectable Hand or Foot Control
Simply plug in the included foot pedal and flip the switch the "Foot" position to use the foot pedal to quickly start and stop your carver!

Extra Long Power Cord
The included power cord is more than long enough to reach your power strip while leaving the base unit firmly placed on your work surface. This is not just a good idea, it makes carving safer because your base sits firmly on your work surface!

Full 1-Year Warranty
The GourdMaster™ Pro Carver II will give you years of reliable service and it comes with a full, no questions asked 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

Gourd art by Sue Sweder

Gourd Art with Filigree Carving by Sue Sweder.
Thank you, Sue for sharing your art with us on Facebook!

Gourd art by Madonna Watermon

This beautiful gourd by Madonna Watermon won Best of Show at the "Show-Me Gourd Art Festival" in Missouri. Thank you, Madonna for sharing your art with us on Facebook!

Gourd art by Ken Poole

This incredible gourd by Ken Poole has been carved to look like a weathered barrel. We love the incredible detail including, the bracing designed to look like metal. Just amazing! Thank you Ken for sharing your art with us!

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Free Gifts include a pack of 10 Blank Stick ‘n Burn Sheets for Laser printer! Watch the video above for an example of how to use Stick n Burn Sheets to do cut-outs using your Pro Carver!

GourdMaster Pro Carver II with FREE Gifts

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