Craft-Ready Challenge Box

Craft-Ready box of Challenge Gourds

This ‘Limited Edition’ Craft-Ready Challenge Box is similar to our regular Challenge Box in that it offers discounted gourds with some kind of flaw or imperfection that will challenge your creativity and spark new ideas. The difference is, all these gourds are pre-cut and cleaned both inside and out so you can get right to the fun of creating!

“Beautiful gourd with birchwood trees, by Aline Hoffman. Cut-out designs such as this can be an excellent choice for those “challenge” gourds that may have some shell blemishes.”

These are great gourds with thick shells that did not qualify to go in our other boxes either because the cut or bottom sanding was too crooked (see photo for examples), or because of some shell flaw or a small hole at the bottom where the stem got knocked out during sanding.

The vases and bowls found in our ‘Limited Edition’ Craft-Ready Challenge box will often have a small hole in the bottom where the stem was, as shown in the product photo above. This is easily fixed with wood putty or Quikwood (a moldable epoxy that is popular among gourd artists).

15 gourds per box. Gourds range in size from 2.5”-5.9” in diameter and 3”- 12” tall

Vase with beautiful geometric design by Allen Graybill.

Beautiful gourd vase by Janet Bratcher.

Lovely pitcher made from a bottle gourd top, by Sue Sweder.

Beautiful small 5”-6” gourd bowls by Grace Swanson. A gourd with dark areas or flaws on the shell can be a wonderful opportunity to get creative with your colors and finishes. We love the finishes Grace created with the two pieces shown above! Be sure to see all of Grace’s artwork for sale in the Gourd Art Marketplace here.

Lovely small bowls and pots by Mary-Ella Bowles. Having a small hole in the bottom
of your gourd may be advantageous if you choose to make a succulent planter as Mary-Ella did with several of her gourds.

Beautiful gourd angel lamp by Gloria Crane.

An easy way to light your lamp is with a string of fairy lights. We like the ones that charge with a USB plug in. The set of 2 shown above is only $9.99 on Amazon at the time of this writing. [Please note: We use Amazon affiliate links on our recommended products. If you choose to use these links, we very much appreciated the support.]

We love this lovely set of mini vases by Paula-Kelly-Cairn!

This lovely gourd pot with sea turtle by Kelsey Nelson is perfect example of how a gourd that sits off-center (either because it grew that way or because of the cut or sanding on the bottom) can enhance and add personality to design. We love it!

Beautiful carved gourd vase by Sue Sweder. The gourds included in the Craft-Ready Challenge box are not only cleaned and ready to craft, they also have nice, thick shells making them idea for carving!

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Craft-Ready Challenge Box

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