'Bargain Quality' Parts & Pieces

Shown above, box of 15 'Bargain Quality' Parts & Pieces
(Newly updated! Now with larger pieces, too!)

Please Note: The photos are meant as a general representation of the of gourds you can expect to receive. Not all Parts & Pieces are gauranteed to have stems or exact shapes.

Our “Parts & Pieces” box is made from gourd tops or parts that are rough cleaned inside and out. We classify this as a 'Bargain Quality' box because it is a mix of several qualities at a deeply discounted price (some pieces will have cracks, dry shells, or a rough exterior, but other pieces will not).

This is the perfect box for when you need parts for practice or as an addition to a larger piece and also want to save money. Also perfect for kid's projects!

Beautiful gourd with sunflowers by Barbara Prestridge. We love how she attached a gourd piece to top of the gourd to create the flared neck!

Fabulous art made with a piece of a Canteen gourd, by Lisa Baurmeister.

These lovely gourd houses creation is by Jennifer Watts! Jennifer also used a top part of a gourd to give the roof to her gourd houses!

This is Becky Lacy Klix's christmas tree inspried by Dr Suess', How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Lovely fall gourd trees created by Sandra Jordan!

We love this gourd Christmas Tree by Beverly Lane Parrish!

Beautful maple leaf vase by Vica Kerekesné Tóth. Large cut-out areas, such as what Vica did here, is a great way to eliminate cracks or damaged areas on your gourd. Thank you, Vica, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

This lovely gourd vase is made from the top piece of a gourd, by Tricia Cialey. This is a wonderful example of how small pieces can be made into elegant pieces of art.

Dani Hediger Mesikep created this super fun whimsical mushroom line up with gourd parts as the top of her mushrooms!
Thank you, Dani, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

Gourd ornament know by Jen's Wild Gourds on Facebook!

Ines Atkerson created these fun “wall pockets” with gourd pieces! They are both beautiful works of art and functional succulent planters. Thank you, Ines, for sharing your artwork with us!

'Bargain Quality' Parts & Pieces

$39.95 USD

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'Bargain Quality' Bottle Gourd Tops

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