Wood Burning on Gourds with Carrie Dearing

Now You Can Get All the Answers You Need to Start Creating Your Own Fabulous Wood burned Gourd Art, Even if You've Never Wood burned on a Gourd Before!

You will learn:
• Tips for transferring an image to a gourd shell to wood burn your design.
• How to use Stick 'n Burn Design Transfer Sheets to combine image transfer and wood burning into one easy step.
• Where to find the best images for your gourd art and what you must know before you can legally use certain images on your gourd.
• How to get smooth and even wood burning lines every time without 'hot spots'
• When to use a blade tip and which blade tip is best for achieving certain looks
• Why you want to use specific shading tips depending on your project
• How to achieve different results using the same pen by adjusting your heat and burn technique
• What you must know about wood burning for a design that will have color added
• and much more!

Contains nearly 60 minutes of step-by-step instruction!

About the Artist

Carrie Dearing is an internationally known gourd artist who has been wood burning on gourds for over 20 year and teaching gourd classes for 8 years. Carrie Dearing being of Irish/Choctaw decent gets her inspiration for her one of a kind gourd art pieces from Native American designs, as well as from nature.

Wood Burning On Gourds with Carrie Dearing

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