GourdMaster Gel Glaze

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A durable, long lasting, clear finish in and of itself, Gel Glaze can be used as an alternative to Gourd Varnish or mixed with other GourdMaster™ products!

GourdMaster Clear Gel GlazeInstead of applying Ink Dye to your carved out, porous surface or gourd edge where it tends to soak in and look back, try tinting the Gel Glaze using your preferred Ink Dye color and painting it on the porous surface.

Works great to preserve your color! Or create a beautiful, iridescent sheen on your gourd by mixing 1/8 tsp Pigment Powder (try Super Bronze) with 1 tsp Gel Glaze and sponge using a cosmetic (make-up) sponge.

Note: This "Metallic Shimmer" mix works best when applied over the top Ink dye. Non-toxic. Water clean-up.