Gourd Goblets

Gourd Goblets, available in both short and tall options!
(Goblets are for decorative purposes only and not for holding actual liquid.)

Shown above, sample Gourd Goblets. Bases are made from unfinished wooden candlesticks (not included), and links are provided below to purchase these on Amazon. (Goblets are for decorative purposes only and not for holding actual liquid).

Gourd "ginger jar"by Gloria Crane. Gourd lid make with piece like those in our box of short Gourd Goblets. This project is available as an online class - click here!

Beautiful carved gourd with lid by Teresa M. Poindexter!

Lovely ginger jar by Kathy Parry (made after she viewed Gloria Crane's online class). Short Gourd Goblets are great for lids!

Gloria Crane created this lid for her ginger jar using a gourd piece similar to a short gourd goblet. The topper is made from a Jewelry Gourd. See step-by-step instructions for this and more in the online class, “Butterfly Gourd Ginger Jar with Fitted Lid” with Gloria Crane, click here.

Short Gourd Goblets, 2”-3.9” in diameter

Tall Gourd Goblets, 2”- 3.9” in diameter

Please note, the diameter range is the same for both short and tall Goblets; the height is not specified because the ‘short’ or ‘tall’ parameter is more a function of the height in proportion to the width, not the actual height.

For example, the gourds shown above are both the same height, but the one on the right is wider in proportion to the height and is therefore considered a “short” goblet. The one on the left is narrow in proportion to the height and is therefore considered a “tall” goblet.

This fun mushroom gourd with succulents (mushroom top made from a Bottle Gourd top) is by JoAnn Clark!

Shown above, a before and after gourd tulip made by Mary-Ella Bowles! Thank you, Mary-Ella, for sharing your artwork with us!

Martha Bloom shared these cute Santa Bottle Top gourd pieces with us on Facebook!

This beautiful gourd vase by Tricia Cialey is entitle "Red Energy Flora." Be sure to check out this and other lovely creations by Tricia on her Etsy shop here.

We love this wonderful gourd figurine made
from a gourd top (or tall "goblet)) by Mary-Ella Bowles!

Lovely gourd with strawberry design by Kathy Parry! Thanks, Kathy for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

Unfinished wood candlestick holders can be purchased on Amazon.
(The links provided are affiliate links for Welburn Gourd Farm, and we greatly appreciate the support if you decide to use them for your purchase!)

These lovely nativity scenes are by Teresa Ruiz! Figurines are another perfect use for our "Gourd Goblets."

Margery Dumaine created these lovely candlesticks using Gourd Goblets!

Gourd Goblets

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'Bargain Quality' Gourd Goblets

These adorable Gourd Goblets are cleaned on the inside, that way you can get right to crafting!