GourdMaster™ Burrs

Please note: GourdMaster Finishing Burr Set is discontinued.

The GourdMaster™ Finishing Burrs are perfect for smoothing areas that have been previously carved with carbide burrs or other burrs that are used to remove the skin.

Using finishing burrs as an intermediary step before hand sanding drastically reduces this time to just a few minutes. Why do all that work by hand when you can do most of the work with a few quick passes of your finishing burr!

Each shape is designed for certain techniques:

The cone has a very pointed tip that can get in tight corners. The cylinder  has a large flat surface which is perfect to use when detailing the inside rim of of your gourd. The flame shape has a rounded surface which keeps the top and bottom edges of the burr from digging into the gourd, so there are less indentations.

Less indentations in your gourd means less hand sanding when you are finished carving!

To carve the wave effect on your gourd, a structured tooth carbide burr is used to remove the gourd skin. Because carbide burrs leave deep grooves or striations, the carved area must be sanded afterwards to make it smooth.

Normally the finishing work is done by hand with sand paper. But the GourdMaster™ Finishing Burrs save you time and energy because they do all the hard work for you. If you want the carved areas extra smooth, you can finish it off by sanding with a very fine grit sand paper.

Click here to get the Fili-Point Burr!

All burrs have a 1/8" shank size.

GourdMaster™ Double-Coated Diamond "Specialty" Burrs Pack

The "Specialty" Burrs Pack comes with two double-coated diamond burrs. The Inverted Cone and the Cutting Wheel.

The Double-Coated Inverted Cone is used to create deep grooves which help when you are removing the gourd skin in particular areas on your gourd. The Inverted Cone is also great for creating sand ripples and faux basketry.

The Double-Coated Cutting Wheel cuts through the skin like butter so you can easily maneuver the burr while you are cutting. Use the cutting wheel to create channels for inlay and Heishi beads.

Both burrs have a 1/8" shank size.

Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Pictured here is gourd art by Christy Barajas.

She used the Specialty Burrs to get a nice clean channel for the edges of the wave, the Finishing Burrs to speed up the sanding time, and the Fili-Point burr to create the Fancy Cuts around the gingko leaves and filigree!

Watch the videos below to learn about GourdMaster(TM) Burrs!

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Creating a Southwest Horse Gourd Pot

Creating a Cut-Out Ginkgo Leaf Gourd Pot with Filigree

Please note: GourdMaster Finishing Burr Set is discontinued.

GourdMaster Burrs

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