GourdMaster Pigment Powders

GourdMaster™ Pigment Powders

GourdMaster™ Pigment Powders are unlike any pigment powders you've ever worked with! They are extremely popular because they are designed to work with the entire line of GourdMaster™ products including Ink Dyes, Transparent Acrylics, Gourd Varnish, and much more!

Gourd art by Kelsey NelsonThese high-quality powders are non-toxic and made with only the finest ingredients. They have no added fillers or dyes (powders made with dyes smear and cause a mess when they get wet). This means clean-up is a breeze and hands clean easily with soap and water.

Pictured right, gourd art by Kelsey Nelson featuring Reflex Violet, Turquoise, True Blue, Yellow Gold, Pumpkin Orange, Misty Violet Pigment Powders.

Mix GourdMaster™ Pigment Powders with Ink Dyes and Transparent Acrylics to create gorgeous iridescent colors. The color combinations you can achieve using GourdMaster™ Pigment Powders are practically endless!

Gourd art by Krystal GarridoPictured left, gourd art by Krystal Garrido featuring Frosty White, Antique Silver and True Blue Pigment Powders along with Metallic Gourd Inks.

Or, you can use black Heat Activated Glue or clear Metal Leaf Adhesive and brush the powders on by themselves as a gorgeous accent to your art piece!

 Gourd Art by Christy Barajas
Pictured above: Gourd art by Christy Barajas 

 Gourd Art by Christy Barajas
Pictured above, a Craft-Ready Canteen Oil Lamp gourd art (left)
has been turned into this beautiful art piece (right), by Christy Barajas! 

Gourd Art by Christy BarajasPictured above, gourd art (front and back) by Christy Barajas.
Various Pigment Powders were mixed with Gourd Varnish.
See the  video below on how you can do this technique!

Please Note: Each individual Pigment Powder jar contains 3g of powder. Some pigments weigh less than others, so some jars will appear more full than others.

   Bonus Video! "Fun Ways to Use Pigment Powders"
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Bonus Video! "Creating NEW Color Effects on Gourds!"

Watch the FREE video above to see how to create NEW color effects by using GourdMaster™ Pigment Powders and Ink Dyes!

Bonus Video! Create a Stunning
"Antique Metal Pot" Effect on Your Gourd!

New Video! Click above to see how to create an amazing "Antique Metal Pot" look on your gourd! Our most popular Pigment Powder video!

Materials Used in the Project Above:

Pre-Cut, Craft Ready Gourd Pot

Transparent Acrylics, Cinnamon

Transparent Acrylics, Poppy

Transparent Acrylics, Terra Cotta

Pigment Powders, Pumpkin Orange

Pigment Powders, Carbon Black

Mini Scoops

Sponge Applicator

Mop Brush


Protecting Wax

Mixing Palette