GourdMaster Wood Filler

Wood Texture & Filler

Now there's a quick and easy way to fix cracks, holes, and other "imperfections" in your gourd shell! GourdMasterTM Wood Texture & Filler can be tinted with Ink Dye to match the color of Ink Dye on your gourd, making your fill area nearly invisible! (Technique shown in the second "Oil Lamp" sections of the 2-DVD set with Gloria Crane)

Made with fine wood particles, becomes a seamless part of your gourd.
Takes a stain. Easy to sand, paint, drill, cut, varnish, etc.
Thick and versatile it can be applied with a pallet knife or fingers.
Non toxic, water based. Easy to use.
Great effect when used with stencils for a raised or embossed look.
Cleans up with soap and water.
Economical to use.