Gourds for Kids Stuck at Home

Let’s Take POSITIVE Action to Help With the Corona Virus Interruptions... 

Welburn Gourd Farm is donating FREE Gourds to school children who are required to stay home from school during this time!

You can help by posting a fun kid's gourd project in our Facebook Group, “For the Love of Gourds,” and/or by ordering a FREE Gourd box for kids in need.

Each gourd arrives cleaned on the outside and ready to craft. Reg. $.47.00, yours FREE! Just pay shipping costs :)

Here's the note we received with the photo: "These 3 kids had a great and creative time with the free gourds provided by Welburn. Kept them busy for many hours! Thank you so much!" - Susie Reimer

The gourds are free, but there is a cost for shipping, so becoming a sponsor by ordering a Gourd Box and paying for shipping is a way you can help out. Note: We do not add any money to shipping. The cost you see is the actual rate from the shipper.

Please Note: Gourds are a natural product and each one is different. The photos here are meant as a general representation and do not show the exact gourds you will receive. Gourds will have some dark areas or minor cracks or blemishes, which are easily covered with paint or clay.

Here's what our friend Sheryl wrote to us about the above photos: "My granddaughter had a great time with the free gourds provided by Welburn. Kept her busy for many hours!" -Sheryl We agree with a commenter on Facebook who wrote, "So cute! ...So is the gourd." :)

Please only order a FREE box of gourds if you have kids required to stay home due to the corona virus, OR you are giving the gourds to kids who are required to stay home. This is on the honor system and we trust everyone to respect the charitable intentions of this offer. One gourd box per household. Offer valid only while supplies last.

Becky Grant-Burns created these colorful “hot air balloons” with gourds and gave us permission to post them as a fun project or kids to make from Bottle-shaped gourds. Thank you, Becky! [Please note: We recommend any cutting and cleaning of gourds be done by an adult, and always use a dust mask or respirator when cutting and cleaning gourds.]. UPDATE: Becky sent us a revised version of the project with no cutting or cleaning involved so kids could do the entire project! (see photo above left). Thanks, Becky!

Need a second or third box of gourds for kids? Get the NEW low-priced "Learning Boxes!" The same great gourds as in the free Kids boxes but no limit on the number you can order. Just $29.95 per box (and just $9.95 standard shipping!)

To order a FREE Kids Gourd Box, use the drop down menu below (price will drop to zero after you move to check out). One Free box per household - To order additional gourd boxes, please order one of our low-priced 'Learning Boxes" of gourds here.
Please note: Use the drop down menu below to order your FREE Box of Gourds for Kids. Price of the box will drop to zero upon checkout.
Please share this page with parents and online Facebook groups who might like to take advantage of this offer!
Note: We do not add any money to shipping. The cost you see is the actual rate from the shipper. These ship in a fairly large box so shipping cost can range from $11.00 to $45.00 or more for some Eastern States).

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