'Limited Edition' Birdhouse Assortment Box

Shown above, Birdhouse Gourd Assortment Box, 3"-8.9" in diameter.

This 'Limited Edition' birdhouse assortment box contains our most popular birdhouse shapes. Our Birdhouse gourds are pre-drilled, with a cord for hanging already threaded and installed. In this box you will receive 2 Bottle, 3 Whimsical and 1 Cottage-Style birdhouse gourds of varying sizes within the range of 3"-8.9" in diameter. The photo above is a general representation of the gourds you will receive.

Did you know there are over 50 species of birds in North America that will nest in gourds? But not just any gourd. Each bird has its own requirement for entrance hole size and gourd size. The following chart provides a list of birds and their preferred gourd size.

It is highly recommended to make your birdhouse using an organically grown gourd. Gourds grown using pesticides and chemicals can actually absorb those chemicals into the gourd wall and cause damage to birds. Welburn Gourd Farm grows all their gourds organically.

In the chart on right, gourd size is listed by the diameter (in inches), which is the distance straight across at the widest point of the gourd (not the circumference, which is the distance all the way around the gourd).

You can research what birds are located in your area to find what size is the best fit for you.

Pictured above, lovely Birdhouse variations by Alicia Thomas!

Colorful birdhouse by Kathleen Walden.

Lovely electric blue birdhouse by Amy Coke.

Whimsical birdhouse by Gissel Olague.

Concerned about rain water getting into your birdhouse?
Create a cool overhang like this birdhouse below using a piece from a smaller gourd! (Birdhouse by Jan Gowen. Be sure to check out her tutorial here!)

To make the overhang for the door shown in Jan Gowen's birdhouse, we recommend the box of Jewelry gourds, large size, 1.5"-1.9".

'Limited Edition' Birdhouse Assortment Box

$69.95 USD

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