Metal Leaf

Add elegance to any design using metal leafing! Use our Metal Leaf Adhesive for fast and easy application over any size area and permanent application so your metal leaf will not flake or peel off.

Compliments GourdMaster™ Ink Dye colors well (try Variegated Red with Rich Mahogany or Variegated Green with Antique Gold!).

Pictured left: Gourd art by Gloria Crane.

Please Note: V
ariegated Green and Variegated Red packs of Metal Leaf are sold out and have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Watch this short video tutorial to learn more!

Here is another video tutorial on using Metal Leaf on your gourds:

NEW Simple Leaf! Very easy to use! Just use Metal Leaf Adhesive and stick the sheet directly on the area you want to metal leaf to be. Press down firmly, and peel off the sheet! It's that easy! Since the sheet has a protective plastic backing, you don't have to worry about tearing it or getting fingerprints on it like with regular Metal Leaf.