New Ink Dye Colors 10-Pack

Watch the Video Below to See How to Create a Neat Water Effect on Your Gourds!

Watch the Video Below to See How to Color Realistic Trees!

The Ink Dye colors used in this video are: Deep Green, Clover, Light Green, Espresso, and Soft Beige!

Formula 49

6 inch Tall Vase

Mountain Wildlife
Stick 'n Burn


Fine Tip Applicators

Heat Tool

Watch the Video Below to See How Gorgeous the New Ink Dye Colors Are!

Gourd Ornament

Fine Tip

Razertip Wood
Burning Unit

Formula 49

Cotton Rounds

Protecting Wax

Order the NEW Ink Dye Colors 10-pack and get a Free 2 ounce bottle of Formula 49 while supplies last! (Please note: the free Microbrushes and Applicator Holder for Microbrushes are no longer being offered as a free gift).

Shown above, colors from the NEW Ink Dye Colors 10-Pack!

Pictured above, gourd art by Christy Barajas on a Fancy Hook Ornament Gourd. The blended colors are all from the NEW Ink Dye Colors 10 Pack!

GourdMaster™ Ink Dyes are the most popular coloring agent among gourd artists, by far! The reason is because GourdMaster™ Ink Dyes are formulated to work specifically on gourds. This means they are designed to look good, even with the yellow/brown shell underneath!

The NEW Ink Dye Colors 10-Pack comes with gorgeous and vibrant colors like Magenta, Caribbean Blue, Bright Copper, and Clover. The NEW Soft Beige works beautifully as a background color or can be used to color realistic animals like deer! The NEW Espresso is a gorgeous, neutral dark brown, meaning there are no green or red under tones like there are in other browns. These Ink Dye colors are made EXCLUSIVELY by GourdMaster™, and you cannot find them anywhere else.

Please note: The colors are currently only sold as a 10 color set, not for individual sale.

Pictured left, gourd art by Krystal Garrido featuring colors from the new Ink Dye Colors 10-Pack.

The gourd was colored with Garnet Ink Dye. The purple color is Caribbean Blue mixed with Magenta and White Ink Dye.

The butterflies were woodburned from the Butterfly Pattern for Ginger Jar Stick 'n Burn Pack!