Blank Stick 'N Burn Design Transfer Sheets (Laser Printer)

Why waste hours tracing lines and struggling with messy carbon paper to get your design onto your gourd for woodburning when you can do it in one easy step?

With “Stick 'n Burn” Design Transfer Sheets your design is printed directly on the clear transfer sheet and because it has an adhesive backing, all you have to do is cut it out, stick it to your gourd and start woodburning!

For step-by-step instructions, click here.

The micro-thin film easily curves with the surface of your gourd, yet is still thick enough so the film does not melt away with the heat of your woodburner as you burn your design.

Stick 'n Burn is easy to lift off and reposition on your gourd without tearing, plus the see-through film helps to make sure your design goes exactly where you want it on your gourd.

Best of all, Stick 'n Burn sheets are easy to use. Just put them in your printer, select the design you want from your computer files and print the page onto your sheet!

Alternatively, if you have a printer with a copy feature, you can print the designs you want onto a white sheet of paper (or even cut them out and tape them onto a piece of paper), then lay the sheet on the glass and copy it onto your Stick 'n Burn sheet loaded into the paper tray.

Need some design ideas? See our entire catalog of instant-download design sheets for Stick 'n Burn here.

What used to take up to hours in tracing time is now done in seconds! You'll never buy carbon paper again!

Note: Always woodburn in a well-ventilated area.

Pictured Here: Gourd art process by artist, Tammy Harr-Schmidt. Thank you, Tammy for taking these photos and sharing them with us on Facebook!

Pattern Placement

Wood Burned Design

Color Added to Design

Color Completed and Varnished

Desing above is from the "Gingko Leaves, Sunflowers, and Hummingbirds" digital design pack. Digital designs are ones you can purchase and download immediately to your computer so you can save them and print them as often as you like! See our full catalog of Digital Design packs here.

Blank Stick 'n Burn comes in 8.5” x 11” Sheets.

Blank Stick 'n Burn Design Transfer Sheets (Laser Printer)

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