Create Fabulous Gourd Art with These Beautiful Faux Turquoise Studs!

See Below for More Photos and Art Examples!

Faux Turquoise Studs, Pack of 20 7mm

Turquoise studs are VERY popular among gourd artists and are a beautiful embellishment to gourd art (especially gourds with Native American and Southwest designs)!

Each Faux Turquoise stud is 7mm in size and has a small post in the back, so they can be easily insterted into the gourd.

Just make a small hole in your gourd, add some gourd glue, and insert the stud! It's that easy!

Take a Look at the Gorgeous Artwork Below!

Pictured Above: Gourd art by Gloria Crane. Watch the full length tutorial video
and learn how to create this gourd art project with step-by-step instuction
by gourd artist and instructor, Gloria Crane. Click Here

Pictured Above: Gourd art by Krystal Garrido
Created Using the Southwest Wildlife Stick 'n Burn Pack

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