April 11, 2020 - Free Patterns, awesome gourd art, and more - Happy Easter!

April 11, 2020

April 11, 2020 - Free Patterns, awesome gourd art, and more - Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We know a lot of you are not able to have the kind of Easter holiday you normally would have, so here are some cool Easter-themed gourds to lift your spirits! (and perhaps inspire you to do your own Easter gourds and celebrate at a future date!)

This beautiful gourd is by Ray Baldonado, who says: "This is a church in Chimayo, New Mexico. It is really popular for pilgrimage at Easter. I made this for friend that couldn’t make it this year." -Thanks so much, Ray, for sharing with us on Facebook!

This adorable chubby-cheeked rabbit gourd is by Shirley May Davis. Wow, what an incredible painting job, Shirley! We just want to cuddle it :) Thanks so much for sharing with us on Facebook!

This fun miniature gourd basket is by Steve Paula Kiser, who shares with us: "Easter might be a bit skimpy this year. Looks like the Easter bunny is a Netherland dwarf (a very small bread of rabbit). Just for fun, love the little ones!" Thanks for sharing, Steve!

We have a few boxes of Mini Gourds left in stock if you would like to do small projects like this. Here is the link.

This beautiful carved basked is by Jean Messer, who says: "Finally finished my Easter basket! I started this before I watched Jordan Strakers 3rd lesson group so I had to do A LOT of back peddling to fix it so it was salvageable.

TY to Welburn Gourd Farm for this lovely little gourd that was very thick, allowing me to correct mistake after mistake!!" -Thanks, Jean, for sharing your art work and kind comment with us on Facebook!

Need Extra-Thick Gourds for Carving? Try our box of 5"- 6.9" Canteen Gourds:

Shown above, Box of 9 Canteen Gourds, 5”-6.9” in diameter, Reg. $102.28, Just $69.95

Here's another great use for 5"- 6.9" diameter canteen gourds, posted by our friend Steve Paula Kiser (who made the miniature gourd basket above). Thank you, Steve, for sharing!

FREE Digital Patterns You Can Download and Use Immediately!

As a special gift for those needing a fun little activity for Easter, we've made our "Cute Spring Animals" Stick 'n Burn into a Digital pack, which means you can download it and print it out from home. Download Now

Shown above, gourd art by Christy Barajas, made with images from the "Cute Spring Animals" Stick 'n Burn pack and GourdMasterTM Transparent Acrylics.

Great Gourd Project for Kids!

Becky Burns, who made the cool "Hot Air Balloons" from gourds (shown below, right), which we featured in a previous news post, just sent us this great updated version of the project for kids! The new version does not require any cutting or inside cleaning of the gourd - Thank you, Becky!

Becky writes:

“Thank you so much for the wonderful bottle gourds. We wanted to recreate a hot air balloon, but in a more kid friendly and economical manner. No cutting, no burning and no carving. We started off with acrylic markers, but weren't thrilled with their coverage or drying time. We finished with the bottle acrylics from Walmart at 50 cents/bottle. The only adult help needed was drilling a small hole in the top for a cup hook. Thanks for allowing me to share.”

Today's Featured Gourd Art

In honor of Spring and nesting time for birds, we thought we'd share this beautiful gourd birdhouse made by Carole Thoza Lefler. We love the music component of her design and, of course, the incredible painting work! Thanks so much, Carole, for sharing your art work with us on Facebook!

Need Bottle shape gourds for birdhouses? 

Shown above, Bottle Shaped Gourds, starting at Reg. $89.47, Just $64.95 per box!

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