Save an Average of 30% by Ordering Pre-Boxed Gourds!
(As compared to placing a Custom Order)

If you want the best prices available through mail-order, then Pre-Boxed gourds are the way to go! You save an average of 30% off Custom Order Prices, plus you avoid the $200 minimum order that is required with Custom Orders.

Pre-Boxed gourds are high-quality, thick-shelled gourds that have been hand selected in advance by our staff and boxed according to gourd shape and size. Since these gourds are selected and sorted in bulk, the prices are greatly reduced from Custom Order gourds, which must be selected one at a time for each individual customer.

See below for our great selection of Pre-Boxed Gourds, as well as options for Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready gourds!