Save an Average of 30% by Ordering Boxed Gourds! 
(Savings based on Custom Order prices)

Raw organic gourdsThe huge efforts we've put into improving our gourd crop over the last several years are finally paying off and the quality of our gourds has improved! With fewer 'standard quality' gourds being produced, we are eliminating the separate 'Standard' and 'Premium' quality options for boxed gourds.

Pictured left: High Quality gourds.

Instead we now offer one quality level called 'high quality' gourds. These are almost as good as the previous 'premium quality' gourds, because they are mostly symmetrical in shape and have very few, if any, shell blemishes (any blemishes are mostly in inconspicuous areas).

As always, boxed gourds have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the entire box for a full refund!