Pre-Boxed Clean People Gourds

Shown here, Small People Gourds
(Please Note: Gourds are a natural product and each one is different.
The photo is meant as a general representation and does not show the exact gourds you will receive.)

Shown above, Phoebe Welburn holds an example of what you can expect to receive in each box of People Gourds. The 2-3 inch diameter People Gourds (shown left) range in height from 6-11 inches tall. The 3-4 inch diameter gourds (shown right) range in height from 9-14 inches tall.

Shown above, small “People Gourd” on a Gourd Ring Stand, before and after being cut into a vase. (Note: This is an example of what can be done with small People Gourds. Gourds are sold uncut).

A hybrid of the chili gourd or banana gourd, these larger "People Gourds" are so-named because they are so popular for making figurines and sculptures!

Their tall canvas makes them ideal for vertical designs. They also work perfect for making figurines and sculptures.

Shown right, the small vase with hearts was created by Dianne Connelly from a small People Gourd!

Most people gourds have the same thick shells as other Welburn gourds, so you can carve intricate designs in them like Claudia did in the gourd shown below!

People Gourd vase with pansies
by Christy Barajas
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Tall patina People Gourd vase with Celtic Design by Christy Barajas
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This beautiful vase with filigree carving was made by Debb Doyle Chiappisi. Thank you, Debb, for sharing your art with us on Facebook!

Beautiful multi-colored vases made from People Gourds created by Pattie Carta. Thank you, Pattie, for sharing your art with us on Facebook!

Gourd art by Claudia Herber. The inspiration behind this piece is Australian Aboriginal art. This gourd was created by dipping the Perfect Dot Stylus in acrylic paint, and applying each dot one at a time on the gourd!

Small People Gourd vase with carved "Patina" Ginkgo Leaves and Metal Leaf
by Christy Barajas
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Small gourd vase with giraffe, made from a People Gourd, featuring a design from the "Aftrican Wildlife" Stick 'n Burn pack. Art by Christy Barajas.
Small gourd vase with maple leaves, made from a People Gourd, featuring the designs from the "Oak and Maple Leaves" Stick 'n Burn pack. Art by Christy Barajas.

A lovely group of gourd angels made by. Mary-Ella Bowles. She couldn't help but call them Gourdian Angels! Thank you, Mary-Ella, for sharing your art with us on Facebook!

People gourds make great ornaments as well! Take a look at the ornaments above made by Christy Barajas!

People Gourds have a slight point at the bottom so you will want to sand them on a belt sander so they sit flat, or you can use a Gourd Ring Stand like the gourds shown above.

Tip: To make Gourd Ring Stands, use a People Gourd and cut into rings about 3/4" tall. This will give enough room in the stand for the rounded bottom of your gourd so your gourd stands straight.

Plus the Gourd Ring Stand can be colored with GourdMaster™ Ink Dyes or Transparent Acrylics to match your gourd art!

Gourd art by Claudia Herber

This beautiful small gourd vase is by Pat Berkbigler! We love the carved blue ripple, the wood burned and filigree details framing the stippled carved center! All the colors to her piece resemble those of the stone inlay! Thank you, Pat, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

Watch the video above to see how to color fall leaves like on this gorgeous people gourd vase by Christy Barajas!

Pre-Boxed CLEAN People Gourds

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