Gourd Challenge Box

“I really loved the [Gourd Challenge] Box... I was able to use all of the gourds to create really beautiful pieces...thank you so much! Love you guys!!! :)” - Patricia Cianflone
The Gourd Challenge Box is an EXTRA large box filled with low-priced gourds that have major imperfections. Its the perfect box to challenge your creativity and come up with "out of the box" (so to speak) ideas for your gourd art!
The box includes gourds and pieces, so you can really get the creative juices flowing on how to use what's inside. Use the gourds and pieces to make cut-outs, create sculptures, or to practice your wood burning, painting, and carving skills!

(Please Note: Gourds are a natural product and each one is different Photo is meant as a general image and does not represent the exact gourds you will receive.)

Shown here, Phoebe Welburn shows a sample of our Challenge Gourd Box. (Yes, the box really is THAT big!)

Beautiful wall art made with gourd pieces, by Jeanne Stietz! Thank you, Jeanne, for sharing your art work with us on Facebook!

This lovely gourd by Penny Jacobs Marsh‎ is another perfect example of a design that can work around flaws or cracks by cutting out portions of the gourd. Thank you, Penny, for sharing this beautiful piece with us on Facebook!

Gourd art by Sharon Trandem

This stunning gourd by Sharon Trandem has been intricately carved to look like lace! Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your gourd art with us on Facebook.

Gourd art by Jennifer Therrien

We love this gourd turtle by artist, Jennifer Therrien! When you just need a few pieces to finish your gourd project (such as the fins and the head on this turtle), the Gourd Challenge Box is the perfect solution!

Gourd Art by Ines Atkerson. Ines calls these beautiful gourd pieces, wall pockets! This is a great use for gourd pieces like those found in a the "Challenge Gourds" Box!

How do you get this good at carving like Sharon and others? Practice! The Gourd Challenge Box is a low-priced box with less-than-perfect gourds, great for practicing your carving skills, your wood burning skills, new color blending ideas, and more!

Get your Gourd Challenge Box today and start trying out techniques with your GourdMaster carver, your woodburner, your Ink Dye colors, and more!

Mona Grant Bashore‎ created this amazing piece from a damaged gourd with a large crack in it! (left to right, you can see the crack in the center of the gourd. Next, you can see the gourd after her designs have been wood burned. Finally, the beautiful finished gourd art piece! Thank you Mona for sharing your art with us on Facebook!

Gourd art by Kabaksal Tasarım

Kabaksal Tasarım used gourd pieces to create the amazing gourd ship! Thank you Kabaksal, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

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Challenge Gourd Box

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