Creating a Gorgeous Koi Fish Gourd Pot with Circular Filigree

Gourd art by Christy Barajas

- How to apply color to large areas vs smaller areas (different applicators are needed; you’ll learn which ones)
- How to easily transfer images on your gourd
- How to incorporate your own hand-drawn design elements with Stick ‘n Burn designs
- How to apply WHITE Transparent Acrylic so it doesn’t have streaks
- How to blend Pigment Powders with Ink Dyes and Transparent Acrylics
- How to make multi-colored water

- When to apply your varnish when you are making a project that has filigree carving (Hint: You DO NOT apply the varnish last!)
- Which burrs to use for carving the holes and correct burr use
- How to finish the rim of your gourd so it is tapered (a more professional, finished look that the rough cut, square rim)
- How to apply Metal Leaf
- and Much More!

In this step-by-step video tutorial you will discover:

Gourd project by Christy Barajas. Watch this video now!

See Below for Links to Materials Used in This Project:

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