April 25, 2020: Free Patterns, plus New 'Instant download' Stick n Burn packs!

April 25, 2020

April 25, 2020: Free Patterns, plus New 'Instant download' Stick n Burn packs!

Video Newsletter: Fun NEW product, FREE gourd patterns, plus featured artwork from the new Gourd Art Marketplace!

Get FREE Digital Patterns You Can Download and Use Immediately!

Get all 5 of our FREE digital design packs, including "Ginger Jar Patterns" and "Gecko Designs" shown above. Use this link.

Shown above, Stick 'n Burn in action. Print any of our digital designs onto a blank Stick 'n Burn sheet, stick the thin plastic film to your gourd, then woodburn right through the sheet. See a sample video here.

Shown above, beautiful lidded Canteen gourd with butterflies, by Sue Sweder. Project design from the instant-access gourd class, "Butterfly Gourd Ginger Jar with Fitted Lid" by Gloria Crane.

Shown above, original Butterfly Ginger Jar by Gloria Crane. Get her class FREE here. Get the FREE instant-download patterns for the class here.

See the full selection of FREE digital patterns for instant download

New Item!
'Instant Download' Digital Stick 'n Burn Design Packs

Get digital patterns for your gourd art that you can download and use immediately with our "Digital Stick 'n Burn Designs" packs! (Print them onto Blank Stick n Burn for fast and easy design transfer.)

Save Over 50% When Your Order the Mega Pack!

Shown Above: Get ALL the designs with our deep-discounted "Mega Pack"
Reg. $237.70, Just $99.95!

See the entire catalog of NEW "Instant Download" Digital Stick 'n Burn Packs:

Awesome Gourd Art in the NEW Gourd Art Marketplace!
(A place for buying and selling gourd art)

Above: Gorgeous gourd lamp with dragonfly by Debbie Faucett. Just $92 in the Gourd Art Marketplace!

Above: Stunning gourd mask available in the Gourd Art Marketplace, Just $275!

Above: Giant 11" bushal basket gourd with carved turtle, by Regina Ward. Available in the Gourd Art Marketplace for just $300!

Above: Beautiful 'gourd pouch' necklaces with glass beads and latched tops, by Heidi Martin Sanger. (Cords are hand braided and adjustable!) Just $65 each in the Marketplace.

See all the fabulous art for sale and post your own gourd art!

Today's Featured Gourd Art!

We love the lovely design and beautifully colored butterflies in this birdhouse by Christie Delamate! She entitled the piece "Flutter By" - her first post in the gourd group! Thank you Christie for sharing your gourd art with us on Facebook, we're so glad you posted!

Special Pricing on Bottle Gourds:

Shown Above: Box of 13 small 5"- 6" Bottle Gourds, Reg. $162.82, Just $89.95 (only $6.92 per gourd)

Shown Above: Our New low-cost "Learning Box" of 8 Bottle gourds, Just $29.95 ($3.74 per gourd) and $9.95 flat rate shipping.

(Note: Learning Gourds will have imperfections such as an off-center shape or small cracks or shell blemishes).