April 4 2020: Fun gourd art and more!

April 03, 2020

April 4 2020: Fun gourd art and more!

"I can always count on any product I buy from Welburn Gourd Farm. The rings I just received will be just right to make my finished gourds displayed to their best. Thank you for all you do to help those of us who love gourds." -Glenda Peacher

Fun Gourd Art, plus more great announcements!

Ralph Mesa is using his time at home to practice his carving skills! Judging by the beautiful carving he started on this Canteen gourd, it doesn’t look like he really needs to practice 😉. Thanks, Ralph, for posting your gourd photo on Facebook!

Nancy Foster and her sister created this incredible carved gourd! Here’s what she says in her Facebook post:

“This gourd was designed and carved by me. I was inspired by the blue succulent plant in the background. When I tried to paint it, I was making a terrible mess of it. So, I handed it off to my sister who is a much better painter… She felt it made a much better artichoke than I succulent.”

Thanks, Nancy, for sharing your photos with us!

Box of 9 Canteen Gourds, 5”-6.9” in diameter, Reg. $102.28, Just $69.95

We are Giving Away Our 20 "Instant Access" Online Gourd Classes to Help Everyone During Coronavirus Shut Downs (A total value of $436.25, yours Free)

Shown above, 9 of the 20 Instant Access Gourd Classes being offered for free.

To help everyone stuck at home during Coronavirus shut downs, we are offering ALL 20 of our Instant Access Gourd Classes at no cost. (Note: There is a small $2.99 fee per class that our service provider charges for bandwidth and account use.)

Shown above, box of 8 mixed shape 'Gourds for Kids.' A $70.32 value, yours Free!
(Just pay shipping charges)

Welburn Gourd Farm is donating FREE Gourds to school children who are required to stay home from school.

You can help by posting a fun kid's gourd project in our Facebook Group, “For the Love of Gourds,” and/or by ordering a FREE Gourd box for kids in need.

The gourds are free. There is a cost for shipping, so becoming a sponsor by ordering a Gourd Box and paying for shipping is a way you can help out.

Click Here for more.

Get Inspired with Today's Featured Gourd Art!

This beautiful gourd pot is by Carolann Chambliss. She titles the piece "When Life Gives You Lemons." We love it! Thank you, Carolann, for sharing your art work with us on Facebook!

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