August 10, 2020: Easy Cleaner Ball Sets Back in Stock, plus FREE Stick 'n Burn and more!

August 09, 2020

August 10, 2020: Easy Cleaner Ball Sets Back in Stock, plus FREE Stick 'n Burn and more!

GourdMasterTM Easy Cleaner Balls and Sets Now in Stock!
Starting at Just $18.95!

"The fastest way to clean the inside of your gourds!"

"I LOVE THE GOURDMASTER EASY CLEANER BALL - yes I'm yelling, must let the world know. What an incredible time saver and great finish. I have tried so many tools, and none compare." - Mari E.

The GourdMaster™ Easy Cleaner Ball has a durable, gravel-like surface that removes even the most stubborn dried gourd pulp in seconds flat!
You will LOVE how much time and energy you will save when using the GourdMaster™ Easy Cleaner Ball to
clean the inside of your gourds!

Watch the Video Below to See the Easy Cleaner Ball in Action!

"In 5 short minutes I cleaned a gourd that would normally take hours. And the finish that the fine grit ball leaves is wonderful. These make the worst part of gourd art (cleaning the inside) a snap. Thank You!" - Ivy A., South Jordan, Utah

Here is a post shared by Lynda Pasternak. This was her first time cutting and cutting her own gourd! Definitely worth being excited about! Thank you, Lynda, for sharing with us!

Shown above, a beautiful dragonfly candle holder by Lynda Pasternak‎! Thank you, Lynda, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

Shop our GourdMasterTM Easy Cleaner Ball and Sets!
Starting at Just $18.95!

GourdMasterTM Stick 'n Burn GloTracer Selling Fast!
A $65.00 Value, Just $39.95!

"Just got my glo tracer and it is fantastic. Very lightweight, easy to assemble and use. I have already used it to do two transfers on stick and burn. I recommend this product, the uses are as vast as the imagination." -Marcia

"Hello Welburn Gourd Farm, I just want to say how much I love the new stick-n-burn Glo Tracer. I used it this weekend and it is so much easier transferring a design onto the gourd. Love this," -Regina Ward

Shown above, GloTracer in action!

Get the NEW Stick 'n Burn GloTracerTM with 2 FREE Packs of Blank Stick 'n Burn! A $65.00 Value, Just $39.95!

Featured Gourd Post:

We love this desert themed gourd pot by Marty Douglas! Thank you, Marty, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

Awesome Gourd Art in the Gourd Art Marketplace!
(A place for buying and selling gourd art)

Beautiful butterfly themed gourd art by Linda Vacca‎! Linda writes in her post, "Large, 9.5” x 9.5”, gourd with 5 monarch butterflies, filigree and Turkish beads. Can use a battery operated candle in it to see the colored beads. Protected in fixative and UV polyurethane. Accept PayPal + shipping." Price $110. To visit this listing, use this direct link.

Lovely gourd bowls by Tami Lande! Tami writes in her post, "A couple of fun little gourds with pine needle coil around the edge. Each measure 4" across and 3" tall. $20 each" To visit this listing, use this direct link.

Lovely birdhouse gourd by Marjorie Knox! Marjorie writes in her post," This is a birdhouse with a lily and butterflies. Gourd is app. 9 inches tall. Hole size is for small birds. Shipping is by priority mail or can be picked up in Findlay Ohio." To visit this listing, use this direct link.

Amazing gourd lamp by Kursat Kutay! Kursat writes in his post, "Special Offer for those who reach out to me via this group. Pre-order your Christmas gift custom design gourd lamp until 10 August and we will make and deliver to your door for only 115 USD. The price includes delivery and the matching base complete with cabling and on/off switch." To visit this listing, use this direct link.

See all the fabulous art for sale and post your own gourd art!

Please Note: The direct links given for the Marketplace gourd art will work if you are using the old version of Facebook, but might not work if you did the upgrade Facebook has been pushing out in the last few weeks. We have sent Facebook multiple texts to try to get the problem fixed but so far there seems to be no way to offer a direct link to an individual post, just a link to the Marketplace Group. Most people feel this is fine since it is fairly easy to find the art pieces we feature here from the main page of the Gourd Art Marketplace.

Today's Featured Gourd Art!

This beautiful carved gourd is by Kay Johnson! Thank you, Kay, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

Ready to give carving a try? Get a GourdMaster™ Pro Carver II, Reg. $310.29, Just $239.95! Includes a FREE Foot Pedal, FREE 20-piece Diamond Burr set,2 FREE GourdMaster™ Specialty Burrs, 3 FREE GourdMaster™ Fili-Point Burrs, 1 FREE GourdMaster™ ZipCutter Burr, 1 FREE Blank Stick 'n Burn 10-Pack, FREE DVD Link to view video project "Stipple Carving" online. That's $111.29 in FREE Gifts!

Gourd Special of the Week:

Small 5"- 6,9" diameter Mixed Shapes Gourd Box
Reg. $89.28, Just $56.25!

Our Mixed Shapes Box of 5"- 6.9" gourds is perfect for small projects like these fun and creative chickens by Rafa Alegre Maza‎!

Letters from Customers

"I'm a color girl! I have been working with gourd art for about 7 years. In the beginning I started with another brand of ink, then a while later I was introduced to the GourdMaster Ink dyes and I was very pleased with them.. Then along came the Transparent Acrylics! Ta-da! Color! I love the way they allow you to blend colors, very workable and able to show depth..... I have yet to notice any fading... Still using!" - Gail Bishop


"All of the products I've purchased so far have been wonderful. I've gotten some amazing results with the transparent acrylics... Thank you!" - Kathy Wertz

"Love them! Love them! Love them! They are terrific. The colors are beautiful and easy to use, even for beginners." - Brenda McLaughlin, Mesa, AZ