August 15, 2020: 3 Days Only, Get an additional $10.00 Off the Already Reduced Price on 5"- 6.9" Bottle Gourds!

August 14, 2020

August 15, 2020: 3 Days Only, Get an additional $10.00 Off the Already Reduced Price on 5"- 6.9" Bottle Gourds!

3 Days Only, Get an Additional $10.00 Off the Already Reduced Price on 5"- 6.9" Bottle Gourds!

Box of 13 Gourds, $123.50, Reg. $89.95, Now Just $79.95!*

"These are top of the line gourds. If you are looking for thick, strong and well-shaped gourds you are in the right place!" - Misty Orlove

Shown above, Box of 13 small 5” to 6.9” diameter Bottle Gourds, $123.50, Reg. $89.95, Just $79.95!
(Inset photo: Maria Oceguera with 5"-6.9" Bottle Gourds)

Shown above, beautiful bottle gourd by Erin Ridley!

Shown above, awesome "animal prints" bottle gourd by Mona Bashmore! Step photo show 1. woodburned and cut-outs, 2. colored with Ink Dyes, 3. colors sealed and 'hammered metal' trim added. We believe there was also a 4th step where Mona added thunder drum components and attached feet. Such a cool piece! Thank you, Mona, for sharing your photos on Facebook!

Beautiful bottle gourd by Nancy and Peter Foster. Thank you for sharing your gourd art with us on Facebook! (Be sure to check out the Featured Gourd Art for this newsletter at the bottom of this page, also by Nancy and Peter Foster!)

Shop now for an additional $10.00 Off on 5"- 6.9" Bottle Gourds!
Box of 13 Gourds, $123.50, Reg. $89.95, Now Just $79.95!*
3 Days only, Offer expires Monday 8/17/20 at midnight.

*May not be combined with some other offers and discounts.

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"I love the Pro Carver because it's so easy to use! The hand piece fits perfectly in your hand and it's lightweight, so there is less stress on your hands. I love how easy it is to change the bits and burrs. Just click, snap (switch out burrs) and you’re done, you have to get one!" - Pamala Redhawk

This beautiful, fully carved gourd is by Sue Sweder! (For a step-by-step tutorial on stipple carving and more, use this link.) Sue used GourdMasterTM Ink Dyes for her colors on this piece. Be sure to visit the "For the Love of Gourds" Facebook group to leave some positive comments for this artist and others who are kind enough to share their work! Thank you, Sue for posting these great photos!

Get Over $110.00 in FREE Gifts When You Order the GourdMaster Pro Carver Today!
Reg. $301.24, Just $239.95!

Featured Gourd Post

We love these 'health professionals' made with Bottle gourds by Dianne Barnes! They are sure to brighten anyone's day who sees them! Thank you, Diane, for sharing with us on Facebook.

Awesome Gourd Art in the Gourd Art Marketplace!
(A place for buying and selling gourd art)

Awesome Bottle Gourd lamp, entitled "Strangelands V1" by Kursat Kutay‎! Kursat writes in his post, "I offer our new version of Strangelands V1 for a special price of 115usd ... The price for includes delivery anywhere in the US. Price $115. To purchase or learn more, use this direct link!

This lovely gourd bowl, entitled "Turkey Tails," is by Kristen Treuting! Kristen writes, "Inspired by a beautiful fungus of the same name that grows on trees. Carved, wood burned and stained. 7" wide by 5.5"." Price $95. To purchase or learn more, use this direct link!

Beautiful gourd jewelry by Bettie Lake! Bettie writes, "Gorgeous gourd piece of a horse within a heart. Weightless and fun to wear Come see what else I have." Price $35 (includes earrings, not shown here). The hummingbird necklace and earring set is listed at $40 on Bettie's Etsy store, which we highly recommend you check out! Use this link.

See all the fabulous art for sale and post your own gourd art!

Please Note: The direct links given for the Marketplace gourd art will work if you are using the old version of Facebook, but might now work if you did the upgrade Facebook has been pushing out in the last few weeks. We have sent Facebook multiple texts to try to get the problem fixed but so far there seems to be no way to offer a direct link to an individual post, just a link to the Marketplace Group. Most people feel this is fine since it is fairly easy to find the art pieces we feature here from the main page of the Gourd Art Marketplace.

Today's Featured Gourd Art!

This beautiful botanical-themed Bottle gourd was posted by Nancy and Peter Foster! This was posted along with the gourd at the top of this page with the following: "I finished these two gourds today. One is Coral Honeysuckle with ruby-throated hummingbirds. The second is the common dandelion with Painted Lady butterflies [shown here]. The colors come from a combination of transparent ink dyes and the metallic paints—all from Welburn. The finish is SC Johnson paste wax."

Thank you Nancy and Peter Foster for sharing your gourd art with us on Facebook!

Letters from Our Customers

"These ball cleaners are super and they are small enough to get in tiny places to clean out the gourds. They are easy to use and I love the fact that I don't have to scrape my gourds as before. The extender is super too and is easy to fit on my equipment. Thanks for making a great product."

- Jocelyn Dobransky


"Absolutely love these magical balls. I had been struggling to my gourds smooth and now - with very little effort - I am getting them beautiful!!!! Brilliant creation - THANK YOU!!!!"
- Torri Taunton
Our Paradise Creations


"Have you ever ordered something online and were very unhappy when you received it? I have many times, but I NEVER have been disappointed with Welburn Gourd Farms products."

"In fact, their products are much better than they describe. To me, it's like they read my mind when I order gourds. They get it right every single time. I am a customer for life. Thank You everyone at Welburn Gourd Farm!"

- Julie Chapman