June 17, 2020: FREE shipping on the HUGE "Challenge Gourds" box, plus amazing gourd art and more!

June 19, 2020

June 17, 2020: FREE shipping on the HUGE "Challenge Gourds" box, plus amazing gourd art and more!

Fun NEW "Challenge Gourds" Box,
FREE Shipping* When You Order Today!
Price: $168.71, Just $79.95!

Above: Phoebe Welburn shows samples of the type of beautiful gourd art that can be made with gourds in the fun NEW "Challenge Gourds" Box!

Beautiful wall art made with gourd pieces, by Jeanne Stietz! Thank you, Jeanne, for sharing your art work with us on Facebook!

This lovely gourd by Penny Jacobs Marsh‎ is another perfect example of a design that can work around flaws or cracks by cutting out portions of the gourd. Thank you, Penny, for sharing this beautiful piece with us on Facebook!

We love this Facebook post from Cheryl Burns! What an amazing example of what can be done with a 'challenged' gourd!

Above: Beautiful 5-inch long gourd piece with sea turtle pyrograthpy, by Alan Folger, who writes:

"Nope. This isn't a "shard" or a piece of "scrap." Its a SHELF TALKER. …When I find myself without a full bodied gourd to work on I go to box that contains all of my left over pieces, and undoubtedly I will find a piece that deserves a little art work. I call the finished product Shelf Talkers to sort of elevate their status in the gourd art world. They are designed to set upon a shelf and testify to their owners interests or passions."

Above: Another beautiful 'Shelf Talker' with woodburned horse image, by Alan Folger.

Lisa Kellerman accidentally made a large hole in her gourd. Instead of throwing it out, she made the beautiful yarn holder shown in the upper right! Thanks, Lisa for sharing your art work with us on Facebook!

Above: Beautifully decorated yarn holder gourd by Kristin Baker! Available for purchase in the Gourd Art Marketplace: Kristen writes, "A gentle reminder of our rest in our Good Shepherd is this sweet lamb. Hand painted gourd yarn bowl. May also serve to nestle potpourri or your tiny treasures." Price: $33. To purchase or to find out more, use this direct link.  

Above: Phoebe Welburn with HUGE box of "Challenged Gourds'

Get FREE Shipping* on the box of "Challenged Gourds"!
Price: $168.71, Just $79.95!
Only while supplies last!

*Free shipping is for lower 48 States. Excludes, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and International orders.

Last Chance for Lamp Hardware Kits!
(Inventory almost gone)!

Above: On left, original Lamp Hardware Kit with 2.75" base (fits a 2.5" hole), and on right, the NEW Lamp Hardware Kit with small 1.8" base (fits a 1.25" hole).

Shown above, beautiful gourd lamps by Blanca Valdez Ricaud!

Available in 2 sizes!
• 2.75" base fits a 2.5" hole (is meant to fit snugly). Ideal for gourds 5"- 9" in diameter
• 1.8" base fits a 1.25" hole (is meant to fit snugly). Ideal for gourds 2"- 6" in diameter (with a maximum height of around 12"-14" tall)

Kit includes lamp base, cord, and LED bulb. Just $34.95 for Pack of 3!

Awesome Gourd Art in the Gourd Art Marketplace!
(A place for buying and selling gourd art)

"Shrimp Bowl" gourd art by Debb Doyle Chiappisi!
Height - 6 1/2” Circumference- 30 1/2”
Price: $100. To purchase or learn more, use this direct link!

Beautiful gourd dish with pine needle rim by Janice Mcelroy-Gillespie!
"This piece of gourd has been stained with layers of ink dye and sealed with urethane. Holes were drilled for the pine needle basketry to be hand sewn onto the gourd. I use Florida long leaf pine needles. Decorative beads are sewn into the pine needles and the piece is about 10 X 10 inches in size."
Price: $150. To purchase or learn more, use this direct link!

Carved gourd entitled "Gye Nyame," by Trustina Fafa Sabah!
"This is Gye Nyame ("Except God"). A piece named after one of the Adinkra symbols from Ghana which is also the symbol carved on the gourd. Among the Akans of Ghana, this symbol speaks to the supremacy of God.
As a Ghanaian, this is a gourd I took so much pride and joy in making because it is mostly considered the ultimate symbol."
10.5"H X 9.5"W. Price $250. To purchase or learn more, use this direct link!

See all the fabulous art for sale and post your own gourd art!

Today's Featured Gourd Art!

This beautiful bottle gourd is by Mona Grant Bashore‎! You would never know she created it from a gourd with a large crack in it… Here's what she says:

"This gourd was given to me by a friend, after it dried. While it was still green, she dropped it...twice! I wouldn't usually spend time on such a damaged gourd, but knowing that I do gourd art, she was SO excited to give it to me, so I worked with the challenge and came up with this design. The Kwikwood "hammered metal" worked well to cover and bond the large crack up the middle and around the "neck" of the gourd. Colored with Welburn Ink Dyes. "

Thank, you, Mona, for sharing this with us on Facebook! Its gorgeous!!

Letters from Our Customers

"It's the greatest invention since sliced bread! It's lite and bright but can be dimmed also. I love it!" - Robert Sadler [talking about the Stick 'n Burn GloTracer]

"Just got my glo tracer and it is fantastic. Very lightweight... I have already used it to do two transfers on stick and burn. I recommend this product, the uses are as vast as the imagination." -Marcia Konopka