May 20, 2020: NEW Gourd Box, Woodburners selling fast, Awesome Artwork, and more!

May 19, 2020

May 20, 2020: NEW Gourd Box, Woodburners selling fast, Awesome Artwork, and more!

Get the NEW 'Variety Box' of People Gourds!
Includes 16 Gourds per box, Reg. $85.92, Just $69.95! 

Shown above, the "Variety Box" of People Gourds with 16 carefully selected gourds 1.5"- 3.9" in diameter and ranging in height from 6" to 15". Reg. $85.92, Now Just $69.95!
(Gourd Ring Stands not included)

Here are some examples of beautiful gourd art made from this type of gourd!

Shown above, lovely gourd art by Penny Jacobs Marsh! She writes, "Just lately, I began to think how much people NEED encouragement during this current pandemic." Penny gives her finished pieces as gifts to people she feels they will help. (These were inspired by Kristin Popp Johnson, who "has wholeheartedly encouraged others to do their own versions" writes Penny in her post). Thank you Penny and Kristen for sharing!

This gorgeous small vase by Pat Berkbigler was made from one of our People Gourds.

People gourds make awesome sculptures, like this fun multi-colored fish! Kirby Maxwell posted the above photo of "Garp," made by his wife Maire. He writes, "Garp was a name I suggested, a combination or guppy and carp. :) He resides on the mantle in the vacation home of a couple of our dear friends on the coast of Georgia. It's always an extra benefit when friends appreciate your work enough to purchase it and proudly display it in their homes."

These lovely figurines are by Marsha Reeves! Thank you Marsha, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

Above: Phoebe Welburn with People Gourds. These gourds are the perfect size for small projects and gifts, plus they often have lighter shells so colors show up more vibrant!

Get the NEW "Variety Box" of People Gourds, Reg. $85.92, Now Just $69.95!

*Offer available only while supplies last. May not be combined with some other offers and discounts.

Just a Few Razertip SK Wood Burners with FREE Gifts Left!

“I love Gloria Crane’s artwork, and when I saw she used a Razertip woodburner in her videos I bought one immediately. I love it!!!! Lightweight and portable,...heats up instantly.” -Anne Rogers, IL

Above: Razertip SK Woodburner, adjustable heat burner with FREE Gifts!
Value: $201.35, Just $161.50!

Shown above, incredible woodburned gourd by Sue Mcconnell‎! Thank you, Sue, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

To learn more about the Razertip adjustable heat woodburner with FREE Gifts:

Awesome Gourd Art in the NEW Gourd Art Marketplace!
(A place for buying and selling gourd art)

"Wild Spanish Mustang," by Andi Nye Hartgrove. Gourd is 10.5" tall and 9" wide. There is a horse on each of 2 sides and the horses are not identical.

The only paint is the eye of each horse (everything else is woodburned). $165 in the Gourd Art Marketplace (price includes shipping). To purchase or learn more, use this direct link.

Lovely Tall-Body gourd byKelly Gentry! "Gourd is 14" tall with attached yellow star quill work on birchbark centerpiece, dyed with Welburn inks, wood burned and carved. Shipping will be around $15 (big box)." Price: $150. To purchase or learn more, use this direct link.

This fun "Shrimp Bowl" is by Debb Doyle Chiappisi! Description: Handcrafted gourd bowl. Height - 6 1/2” Circumference- 30 1/2” Price: $100. To purchase or learn more, use this direct link.

Maple leaf bowl with cactus fiber, Steve Paula Kiser! "Bowl is approximately 8.5 inches tall and 9 inches wide. Carved and stippled with cut out leaf pattern that has been backed with cactus fiber." Price: $100. To purchase or learn more, use this direct link.

See all the fabulous art for sale and post your own gourd art!

Today's Featured Gourd Art!

This beautiful gourd is by Karen Phinick Currier! Karen used GourdMasterTM Ink Dye, including "Honey" color for the background. Her post title was "Spring during self isolation." Thank you, Karen, for sharing your wonderful gourd piece with us on Facebook!

You can let the artist know how much you appreciate her sharing her photo by giving it a 'like' or 'love' or leaving a kind comment on her post here.

Gourd Special of the Week:

Small 5"- 6,9" diameter Mixed Shapes Gourd Box
Reg. $89.28, Just $62.50!

Our Mixed Shapes Box of 5"- 6.9" gourds is perfect for small projects like this beautiful butterfly house with butterflies and poppies by Marjorie Knox! She posted this gourd in the Gourd Art Marketplace and it sold right away! (We can see why! Is beautiful AND functional!)

Would you like to contact Marjorie to make a commissioned art piece? See her post here.

Letters from Customers

"Hello Phoebe,

I wanted to give you a little information about my mom whose gourd you so kindly featured on your video [May 9, 2020 newsletter]. My mom is 87 - almost 88 and we got into gourds about 7 years ago when a friend told me about your classes.

My mother, who has always been artistic, does beautiful quilting, makes jewelry to sell, does counted cross stitch masterpieces, alcohol ink pictures and tiles and now gourds (that is just some of the stuff she has done).

I am always looking for things to do with her and so I took her to a class at the gourd farm to make a vase. Neither of us had ever done anything like this (I had never done anything artistic except wedding cakes) and we both fell in love with the wood burning and gourd art!

Since then we have been making gourds and selling them at craft fairs and giving them to friends. I have entered at least 1 gourd into the Orange County Fair for the last 4 years and have won a ribbon every year.

This past year, I finally entered 2 items into a California Gourd Society competition as an intermediate artist and took blue ribbons on both and a category award for one! I am beyond thrilled.

My mom has never entered any of hers into competitions, but I keep trying to get her to! She lives in Ridgecrest, CA and I will work on getting her to put one into the fair out there!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for featuring her beautiful piece and for giving us something that we can do together. I really cherish being able to do this with her!"

~Leslie Hargrove