May 30, 2020: NEW Stick 'n Burn GloTracer, Plus 50% Off Digital Pattern Packs, and more!

May 29, 2020

May 30, 2020: NEW Stick 'n Burn GloTracer, Plus 50% Off Digital Pattern Packs, and more!

4 Days Only!
Get the NEW Stick 'n Burn GloTracerTM with 2 FREE Packs of Blank Stick 'n Burn!
A $65.00 Value, Just $39.95!
(Offer expired Tuesday, 6/2/20 at midnight.)

I LOVE my GloTracer! I’ve been able to trace designs from books, magazines, and even photos right onto my [Stick ‘n Burn] and then place them onto my gourd saves me money on the sheets because I can use up scraps, plus I can get JUST the designs I want.

Takes a little time to do the tracing vs printing, but I like that, too, because I can "customize" the design with my own touches. ...Great tool!” -Barbara Anne Macy

The Stick 'n Burn GloTrace is the Perfect Companion to Stick 'n Burn Design Transfer Sheets!

The GloTracerTM makes it easy to trace almost any design or photograph onto a sheet of Stick ‘n Burn* so you can transfer your designs to your gourds in minutes! No printer required!

The GloTracerTM is 8.5” x 11” (US Letter Size) to perfectly fit a Blank Stick ’n Burn sheet.

Simply place your design under a blank sheet of Stick 'n Burn on the GloTracer, turn on the light inside the tablet, and trace your pattern using a pencil or felt-tip pen! (We like the Pilot Razor Ultra-Fine Tip (0.3mm) Marker since it doesn't smudge).

2 Packs of Blank Stick 'n Burn (1 Ink Jet Printer pack, 1 Laser Printer Pack, 10 sheets per pack, 20 sheets total), a $23.90 value, yours FREE!

Get the NEW Stick 'n Burn GloTracerTM with 2 FREE Packs of Blank Stick 'n Burn!*
A $65.00 Value, Just $39.95!

(Offer expired Tuesday, 6/2/20 at midnight.)

*May not be combined with some other offers and discounts.

Get 50% Off Digital Design Packs When You
Purchase the NEW Stick 'n Burn GloTracer!*

(50% Off discount appears automatically after you add the GloTracer to your cart)

Gourd pot with horse designs from the Digital pack, "Southwest Multiples and Western Designs" shown at right. Art by Krystal Garrido. Original design by Christy Barajas.

Shown above, Stick 'n Burn in action. Print any of our digital designs onto a blank Stick 'n Burn sheet or trace a design on the sheet using the NEW GloTracer, stick the thin plastic film to your gourd, then woodburn right through the sheet. See a sample video here.

Shown here, beautiful oak gourd vessel with oak leaves, and lidded gourd with butterflies, made with images from our Digital Designs Packs, by Sue Sweder! Thank you, Sue, for sharing your gourd art with us!

Get 50% Off 'instand download' Digital Design Packs when you purchase the NEW Stick 'n Burn GloTracer!

(If you would like to shop the collection of Digital Design Packs without purchasing the GloTracer, use this link.)

Farm Open to Walk-In Customers Thursdays & Fridays Starting June 4th, 2020!

The re-opening of our farm to walk-in customers is now postponed.

We had planned to re-open on Thursday, June 4th, 2020 however, due to the protests we feel it is best and safest for our customers to wait until this has passed.

We remain open for online orders, and we are shipping and taking orders over the phone during regular our business hours.

We will let you know as soon as we have a new date for re-opening our Farm for walk-in customers.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you and your family stay safe and well.

There's Still Time to Get the 'Variety Box' of People Gourds!
Includes 16 Gourds per box, Reg. $85.92, Just $69.95! 

Here are some examples of beautiful gourd art made from this type of gourd!

Shown above left, lovely gourd art by Penny Jacobs Marsh! She writes, "Just lately, I began to think how much people NEED encouragement during this current pandemic." Penny gives her finished pieces as gifts to people she feels they will help. These were inspired by Kristin Popp Johnson, whose beautiful work is shown on the right. Kristin "has wholeheartedly encouraged others to do their own versions" and her art can be found on her page here. Thank you Penny and Kristen for sharing!

People gourds make awesome sculptures, like this fun multi-colored fish! Kirby Maxwell posted the above photo of "Garp," made by his wife Maire. Thank you, Kirby, for sharing Maire's gourd art with us!

These lovely figurines are by Marsha Reeves! Thank you Marsha, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

These gourds are the perfect size for small projects and gifts, plus they often have lighter shells so colors show up more vibrant!

Shown above, the "Variety Box" of People Gourds with 16 carefully selected gourds 1.5"- 3.9" in diameter and ranging in height from 6" to 15". Reg. $85.92, Now Just $69.95!*
(Gourd Ring Stands not included)

Available only while supplies last!

Awesome Gourd Art in the Gourd Art Marketplace!
(A place for buying and selling gourd art)

"Cub In A Tree" - 2 gourds by Michele O'Malley! Small one is approx 10"Hx6"W including wood medallion base. Price: $100. Larger one is 11.5"x7.5" including wood medallion base but not stem. Price: $125. Both are entirely woodburned except for small amount of white. Shipping included to US. To purchase or learn more, use this direct link!

"Mahi" by Debb Doyle Chiappisi! Height - 7”
31 1/2 “ around. Handcrafted gourd art. Brightly colored gourd features scenes of mahi fish around the bowl. Price: $100 To purchase or learn more, use this direct link!

Lovely open-top gourd lamp with cardinal by Kate Randall Schlagbaum‎! Carved, painted and pyrography gourd. Price: $125. To purchase or learn more, use this direct link!

Steam Punk Fish Gourd Bowl “ Roger” by Lynn Peace Marino‎! "Made from a thick Welburn gourd. Burned, painted with acrylic paints and enhanced with small chain, key and tiny rivets." Price: $100. To purchase or learn more, use this direct link!

See all the fabulous art for sale and post your own gourd art!

Get Inspired with Today's Featured Gourd Art

This beautiful tall-body gourd is by Jane Patton‎! She writes, "I enjoyed doing this gourd. It is hand drawn, wood burned, painted with ink dyes and acrylics, varnished. I added yarn, leather strips and turquoise for embellishments. I made the “stand” out of colored rope." Thank you, Jane, for sharing your art work with us on Facebook!

Gourd Special of the Week

Box of 6 Extra Large “Fancy Hook” Ornaments, 3.25"-4.5” in diameter.
Reg. $40.00, Just $29.95!

Letters from Customers


"I can always count on any product I buy from Welburn Gourd Farm. The rings I just received will be just right to make my finished gourds displayed to their best. Thank you for all you do to help those of us who love gourds."

- Glenda Peache


"I am thrilled with the gourds, nice and clean, thick skinned. Well packaged without any damage upon arrival. The gourd products-formula 49 and wax appear to be effective. Thanks for the practice gourd, I was able to practice several techniques with the practice gourd." Thanks, Sarah McNerney


"Thank you for always having quality products, I have been a customer for many years, always pleased with my purchases, I am not by any means professional, I make and give away everything, have never sold anything, my friends and family love receiving the gifts. I am so pleased and enjoy the tutorials and videos you share, thank you so much for that, they help me to try something new without having to spend so much money... Always Pleased."

- Millie Knutson