October 3, 2020: 3 Days Only, Get a Free Fili-Point Burr!

October 02, 2020

October 3, 2020: 3 Days Only, Get a Free Fili-Point Burr!

Get a FREE Fili-Point Burr with ANY Bottle Gourd Box Purchase!*
Boxes starting at Just $54.95! (Reg. $76.03)
Start by adding your choice of bottle gourds to your cart. Then you be offered your Fili-Point for FREE (a $13.95 value!)

Shown above, GourdMasterTM Fili-Point Burr

Shown above, box of 13 Small Bottle Gourds - Reg $123.50, Just $79.95! (avg. size 5"- 6.9" diameter, 12"- 16" tall)

These adorable turkey bottle gourds are by Lois B. Durant! Thank you, Lois, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

Get a FREE Fili-Point Burr with ANY Bottle Gourd Box Purchase!*

Watch This Fun Video!
Creating a Gourd Jack-o-Lantern and Ghost

In the video above, the Proxxon Mini Jigsaw is needed to cut the top with scalloped edges so that the ghost "lid" will fit on snug without gaps.

Gourd art by Christy Barajas!

Get the "Halloween Designs" Stick 'n Burn pack, Just $9.95!

Get the Best Tool for Carving Your Gourds!

Get a GourdMaster™ Pro Carver II, Reg. $340.29, Just $264.95! Includes a FREE Foot Pedal, FREE 20-piece Diamond Burr set,2 FREE GourdMaster™ Specialty Burrs, 3 FREE GourdMaster™ Fili-Point Burrs, 1 FREE GourdMaster™ ZipCutter Burr, 1 FREE Blank Stick 'n Burn 10-Pack, FREE DVD Link to view video project "Stipple Carving" online. That's $111.29 in FREE Gifts!

Craft-Ready Ornaments Selling Fast!
Now you can get more uniform sizes within a pack with our new "Large" and "Extra Large" size options!

Previously the option called "Large" included sizes 2.5"- 3.5" in diameter. Now you can get more uniform sizes per bag because we've separated them into 2 different size ranges: 2.5"-2.9" are the New "large" size and 3"- 3.5" ornament are the New "extra large" size. Plus we've kept the price the same so there is no price increase for the Extra Large size!

Shown here, size options available for Craft-Ready Gourd Ornaments. The 2.5"- 3.5" size is now divided into 2 separate size ranges, "Large" 2.5"- 2.9" and "Extra Large' 3"- 3.5" in diameter.

Make these miniature Jack-O-Lantern Gourd Ornaments using our Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready Gourd Ornaments! Gourd art by Krystal Garrido.

These two fall themed ornament gourds are by Sue Sweder! Thank you, Sue, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

Shown above another pair of lovely gourd ornaments by Sue Sweder!

Craft-Ready Ornaments starting at Just $39.95 per bag!
Shop Craft-Ready Ornaments:

Awesome Gourd Art in the Gourd Art Marketplace!
(A place for buying and selling gourd art)

Beautiful carved mermaid vase by Patty. This post was shared by Patty's husband, Jesus Barajas Valencia; he wrote on his post, "The amount of work and detail involved in creating this vase is such the pictures will do it no justice ! I am so very proud of my wife Patty for creating something so beautiful it’s an amazing piece and I hope you guys agree and like it as much as I do." Price $200. To purchase or learn more, use this direct link!

See all the fabulous art for sale and post your own gourd art!

Today's Featured Gourd Art!

Beautiful gourd art by Ines Atkerson! Thank you, Ines, for sharing your artwork with us on Facebook!

Letters from Customers

"I only started working with gourds a year ago. I first bought a Dremel but decided for me that it was harder to use and too much vibration so I bought the Pro Carver from Welburn. It has made a big difference in carving and I love the Pro Carver!" -Peggy J.


"Hello, I just received the GourdMaster Pro Carver II yesterday – couldn’t wait to try it out – I love it!! I’ve been using the Dremel which has been great, but there’s something about the Pro – so quiet, and the handpiece is much more comfortable, low vibration – it was like carving through butter! I wish I lived closer to a gourd farm - not any in my area - Connecticut Thanks, Kathy"


"OHMIGOSH! I just unboxed my new Pro Carver II and even though it’s late, I decided to give it a 5 minute test run.
Let me say, I was happy when I went from a Dremel to the Proxxon. But there is a night and day difference with the Pro Carver! The hand piece fits my hand so much better, it’s lighter and I can barely feel the vibration!! After carving a couple hours with the Proxxon, my hand ends up tingling afterwards. I don’t anticipate that happening with the ProCarver based on what I just felt. Halllelujah! My hand, joints and titanium shoulder are going to be sooo happy!
I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and start carving!" - Lori Smith