Easy-Grip Applicator Holders

Easy-Grip Applicator Holders make holding applicator brushes easy. No more cramped hands! Great for people with arthritis. Simply insert the applicator brush into the holder and start painting. It's that easy!

We tried to design one holder that would fit both applicators but found out it would cost our customers over $40.00! The 2 Holders together cost less than $20, hence our decision to have 2 holders individually sized for each applicator!

Easy Grip Applicator Holders come in two different options, one for each brush type:
• Silver Holder = Fine Microbrush holder
• Black Holder = Fine Tip Applicator holder

Because the Fine Tip Applicator and Micro Brush applicators are 2 different diameters, they require 2 different Easy-Grip Holders.

Please note: Applicator Brushes not included.

From Our Customers:

"I received the…applicator holders in a recent purchase… I absolutely love them. It makes it so much easier to hold…no cramping of hands. So easy to hold and love the way they feel. Thanks for making it easier.I definitely recommend them to anyone."
-Beth Knight, Chesapeake, VA

“I used the [Easy-Grip Applicator] holders today to apply stain to an intricate project
and I love them. I am 52 years old and I do not have arthritis however holding the tiny micro applicators and even small paint brushes causes cramps in my hands after a couple of hours. …I will use [the Easy Grip Holders] frequently!"
-Cindy Knight

Easy Grip Applicator Holders

$16.95 USD

– Coming Soon

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